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n. (context Polari English) man, bloke


was an ancient Japanese hereditary title denoting rank and political standing (a kabane) that, along with muraji, was reserved for the most powerful clans during the Kofun period. The omi clans generally took their names from the geographic location from which they originated, such as the Soga (蘇我), the Kazuraki (葛城), the Heguri (平群), the Kose (巨勢), the Kasuga (春日) and the Izumo (出雲). By tradition those who held the kabane of omi were considered branches of the imperial line (皇別氏族, kōbetsu shizoku), and they claimed that they were descendants of Emperor Kōgen, although there is no historical evidence to support this.

The most powerful omi added the prefix Ō (大) to omi referred to as Ōomi (大臣). Examples of Ōomi mentioned in the Nihon Shoki included Kazuraki no Tsubura (葛城円) during the reign of Emperor Richū, Heguri no Matori (平群馬鳥) during the reign of Emperors Yūryaku and Seinei, Kose no Ohito (許勢男人) during the reign of Emperor Keitai and the four generations of Sogas who dominated the title during the 6th and 7th centuries: Soga no Iname, Soga no Umako, Soga no Emishi and Soga no Iruka.

When the kabane system was reformed into the eight kabane system in 684, the powerful omi of the time were given the kabane of ason, which ranked second under the new system, and omi itself was dropped to sixth in rank.

Omi (disambiguation)

Omi or OMI may refer to:

Omi (given name)

Omi (also spelt Ōmi) is a feminine Japanese given name.

Omi (singer)

Omar Samuel Pasley (born 3 September 1986), better known by his stage name Omi , is a Jamaican singer. He is best known for " Cheerleader", a worldwide hit for him in a remixed version by German DJ Felix Jaehn. He is currently signed to Ultra Music, a part of Sony Music, and released his debut album Me 4 U on 16 October 2015.

Usage examples of "omi".

He knelt comfortably, his heels tucked neatly under him, flanked by four lieutenants, one of whom was Kasigi Omi, his nephew and vassal.

This was the first time that Omi had been in close contact with his uncle, for he was a very minor link in the clan chain, and his fief of Anjiro and the surrounding area poor and unimportant.

Then all the rest of the brothers and their wives and children would be subservient to her and, of course, Mizuno-san would make Omi heir when Yabu was dead and gone.

She was even paler than usual and Omi could see the screams were taking their toll on her too.

When the screams had begun Omi had had to use all his skill to persuade her to stay.

Kiku was a courtesan of the First Class, the most famous in Izu, and though Omi was convinced she would not compare even to a courtesan of the Second Class of Yedo, Osaka, or Kyoto, here she was at the pinnacle and correctly prideful and exclusive.

Mura came up from the shore to intercept him, forewarned the moment Omi had opened the garden door.

At sunset Omi watched Zukimoto, puffed with vanity, supervising while the barbarian was trussed like a chicken, his arms around his knees, his hands loosely to his feet, and put into cold water.

Zukimoto had asked Omi for the privilege and the honor had been granted to him.

By the Lord God, Blackthorne swore to himself, I will remember this day and somehow, somewhere, Omi will pay.

But if you know the contents of the ship, then the spy is Omi, one of his samurai, or a villager.

Their wills locked and Omi was called as a man is called at cards or at dice.

The four samurai flanked Blackthorne as he walked down the hill, the harbor still hidden from him, Mura discreetly ten paces back, Omi ahead.

But Omi shook his head and said something he did not understand and continued across the square, down the foreshore, past the cauldron, and on to the jetty.

Once on the jetty, Omi turned and called back to the guards on the trapdoor.