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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Omer \O"mer\, n. [Cf. Homer.] A Hebrew measure, the tenth of an ephah. See Ephah.
--Ex. xvi. 36.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Hebrew measure of capacity (a little over 5 pints), from Hebrew 'omer.


n. A dry measure of ancient Israel, one tenth of an ephah.

Omer, MI -- U.S. city in Michigan
Population (2000): 337
Housing Units (2000): 163
Land area (2000): 1.237930 sq. miles (3.206223 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.237930 sq. miles (3.206223 sq. km)
FIPS code: 60660
Located within: Michigan (MI), FIPS 26
Location: 44.047898 N, 83.854796 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 48749
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Omer, MI

Omer may refer to:

  • Omer (unit), an ancient unit of measure used in the era of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem.
    • Counting of the Omer, Jewish ritual during the forty-nine days between Passover and the Feast of Weeks
  • The name Omar - Omer and Umar etc. are variations of the name Omar
  • Omer (Book of Mormon), a Jaredite king
  • Mordechai Omer
Omer (unit)

The omer is an ancient Israelite unit of dry measure used in the era of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is used in the Bible as an ancient unit of volume for grains and dry commodities, and the Torah mentions as being equal to one tenth of an ephah. The ephah was defined as being 72  logs, and the Log was equal to the Sumerian mina, which was itself defined as one sixtieth of a maris; the omer was thus equal to about of a maris. The maris was defined as being the quantity of water equal in weight to a light royal talent, and was thus equal to about 30.3 litres, making the omer equal to about 3.64 litres.

The omer is not easy to fit into the remainder of the ancient Israelite measurement system, as it constitutes 1.8  kabs and 0.3  se'ah. It is alleged that the unit is a result of the sexagesimal system being decimalised, perhaps under the influence of Egypt or Assyria, which both had decimal systems.

The word omer is sometimes translated as sheaf — specifically, an amount of grain large enough to require bundling. The biblical episode of the manna describes God as instructing the Israelites to collect an omer for each person in your tent, implying that each person could eat an omer of manna a day. In the Instructions of Moses (Torah in Hebrew), the main significance of the omer is the traditional offering of an omer of barley on the day after the Sabbath, or according to the pharisian and rabbinical view, on the second day of Passover during the feast of unleavened bread (during the period of Temple sacrifice) as well as the tradition of the Counting of the Omer (sefirat ha'omer) - the 49 days between this sacrifice and the two loaves of wheat offered on the holiday of Shavuot.

The omer should not be confused with the homer, a much larger unit of volume for liquids.

Omer (submarine)

Omer is the name of a series of human-powered submarines. The submarines were built by students of the École de technologie supérieure (School of Higher Technology) in Montreal, Quebec, for the International Submarine Races. , Omer teams hold the human-powered submarine world speed records for two-seater and non-propeller categories. Those records are :

  • 8.035 knots for Omer 5 (two-seater)
  • 4.642 knots for Omer 6 (one-seater / non-propeller)

Omer 9 is the latest generation of Omer submarine.

Usage examples of "omer".

Between Omer and Kenny, money was coming in, and the Lays were able to settle in a home just off a dirt road cutting through Rush Hill.

Omer Ben Melouk, a tribe of Arabs, numbering some five thousand souls, and having maharees and horses.

Namely, that I surrender to him all the dowry intended for Omer of Kopt who is to marry my daughter.

I am willing to wager that Omer Khayyam could never have written the Rubaiyat in the valley of Typee--it would have been psychologically impossible.

On Maundy Thursday, as the reading of the twelve Gospel lessons began, and as the Metropolitan, Pope Manoles, and the Deacon in turn read, in harsh monotone voices, how Judas had betrayed Christ and how the Mohammedans of those days had begun to strike, mock and scourge Him, the people were affected as though they themselves were running breathlessly with Christ from Annas to Caiaphas and to Pilate, as Omer Vrioni had run to Mustapha Pasha and to the Sultan, to demand justice.

She is at present apprenticed, Miss Mowcher, or articled, or whatever it may be, to Omer and Joram, Haberdashers, Milliners, and so forth, in this town.

XIII omer Dees was as good as his word, meeting them early the next morning to direct preparations for the journey that would take them across the Chamals and 138 The Druid of Shannara into Eldwist.

Through a side door of the big house, Omer came running, shouting.