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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Crocombe should have taken this as a bad omen, but did not, carrying on to Karachi.
▪ He could not determine whether this was a good or a bad omen.
▪ By the twenties, lace curtains and an aspidistra in the window were bad omens.
▪ Several times they started to build a city, but they were always driven away by misfortunes or bad omens.
▪ But he-goats and sometimes rams were bad omens.
▪ The seamen consider these cries a bad omen.
▪ It was a bad omen, she said.
▪ The juice landed on the floor like a red bubbly snake, a bad omen suddenly materializing out of thin air.
▪ That was O.K. Perhaps it was a good omen.
▪ Oshagatsu is all about establishing good omens for the coming year.
▪ In Celtic countries it was always considered a good omen if one of these cats decided to settle in the home.
▪ A good omen, they thought.
▪ It seemed to be a good omen.
▪ The storm was over and he regarded that as a good omen.
▪ There were lots of good omens and I was still inspired by the news of Jill and her campaign.
▪ This was widely thought to be a good omen.
▪ This mini-boom is already over. Ill omens were there for the taking.
▪ "Maybe this is a good omen," said Jill, seeing a blue sky for the first time in weeks.
▪ Do you think the rain is some kind of omen?
▪ George thought the car breaking down on the way to his wedding was a bad omen.
▪ It was an omen, but Margo and Duke plunged in.
▪ Might that be an omen of sorts for the brave new telecommunications world to come?
▪ On the face of it, the omens are good.
▪ Oshagatsu is all about establishing good omens for the coming year.
▪ Perhaps an omen of things to come.
▪ Several times they started to build a city, but they were always driven away by misfortunes or bad omens.
▪ The augur's skill didn't consist in luck with the omens, but in reading them right.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Omen \O"men\, n. [L. omen, the original form being osmen, according to Varro.] An occurrence supposed to portend, or show the character of, some future event; any indication or action regarded as a foreshowing; a foreboding; a presage; an augury.

Bid go with evil omen, and the brand Of infamy upon my name.


Omen \O"men\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Omened; p. pr. & vb. n. Omening.] To divine or to foreshow by signs or portents; to have omens or premonitions regarding; to predict; to augur; as, to omen ill of an enterprise.

The yet unknown verdict, of which, however, all omened the tragical contents.
--Sir W. Scott.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, from Latin omen "foreboding," from Old Latin osmen, of unknown origin; perhaps connected with the root of audire "to hear" [OED] or from PIE *o- "to believe, hold as true" (cognates: Greek oiomai "I suppose, think, believe").


n. 1 Something which portends or is perceived to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future; an augury or foreboding. 2 prophetic significance vb. 1 To be an omen of. 2 To divine or predict from omens.


n. a sign of something about to happen; "he looked for an omen before going into battle" [syn: portent, presage, prognostic, prognostication, prodigy]


v. indicate by signs; "These signs bode bad news" [syn: bode, portend, auspicate, prognosticate, presage, betoken, foreshadow, augur, foretell, prefigure, forecast, predict]

Omen (2003 film)

Sanghorn ( Thai: สังหรณ์, English title: Omen) is a 2003 Thai suspense film. It was written by the Pang Brothers and starred Kawee Tanjararak (Beam), Panrawat Kittikorncharoen (Big) and Worrawech Danuwong (Dan) - all members of a popular Thai boyband at the time, D2B.

Omen (disambiguation)

An omen is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change.

Omen may also refer to:

Omen (Star Wars novel)

Omen is a science-fiction'' Star Wars'' novel by Christie Golden released on June 23, 2009. It is the second novel in the Fate of the Jedi series and it has been published in hardcover format.

Omen (Soulfly album)

Omen is the seventh studio album from the metal band Soulfly. It was recorded in November 2009 and was released first in Japan on May 18, 2010 and on May 25, 2010 in other parts of the world. It was released on May 24, 2010 in parts of Europe. It is the last album to feature bassist Bobby Burns and drummer Joe Nunez who were replaced by Asesino frontman, Tony Campos and former Borknagar drummer David Kinkade in mid-2011. At just over forty and a half minutes, it is the band's second shortest album while the shortest being Archangel at thirty-six and a half minutes.

Omen (record producer)

Sidney Brown (born August 21, 1976), better known as Omen is an American music producer from Harlem. He has produced for artists such as Drake, Action Bronson, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Fabolous, Vado, Memphis Bleek, Redman, Keith Murray, Immortal Technique, and Amil.


An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. People in the ancient times believed that omens lie with a divine message from their gods.

These omens include natural phenomena, for example an eclipse, abnormal births of animals and humans and behavior of the sacrificial lamb on its way to the slaughter. They had specialists, the diviners, to interpret these omens. They would also use an artificial method, for example, a clay model of a sheep liver, to communicate with their gods in times of crisis. They would expect a binary answer, either yes or no answer, favorable or unfavorable. They did these to predict what would happen in the future and to take action to avoid disaster.

Though the word "omen" is usually devoid of reference to the change's nature, hence being possibly either "good" or "bad," the term is more often used in a foreboding sense, as with the word "ominous". The origin of the word is unknown, although it may be connected with the Latin word audire, meaning "to hear."

Omen (The Prodigy song)

"Omen" is the nineteenth single released by the British electronic band The Prodigy. It was released on 16 February 2009, and it is the first commercial single from the album Invaders Must Die.

The release was announced on 9 January, in a newsletter sent to fans. The single is accompanied by a video that features live footage from the band. It was first played on Radio 1 on 12 January. The single was co-produced by Does It Offend You, Yeah? singer James Rushent and features a remix from the Dutch drum and bass group Noisia. The track was The Prodigy's tenth top ten hit on the UK Singles Chart. The single has yet to receive a physical release outside Europe. The song won the Kerrang! Award for Best Single. It came in at #68 in the 2009 Triple J Hottest 100: the fifth track by The Prodigy to chart in the annual countdown, following " Voodoo People" in 1994, " Breathe" and " Firestarter" in 1996, and "Funky Shit" in 1997. The song itself is featured in the movie Kick-Ass and also on the soundtrack respectively.

Omen (band)

Omen is an American heavy metal band. The band was formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1983, by lead guitarist Kenny Powell, previously with the band Savage Grace and signed on with Metal Blade in 1984, with whom they released their debut Battle Cry (which contained "The Axeman", which appeared on the soundtrack for the Heavy Metal themed 2009 video game Brütal Legend).

In 1985 the second album Warning Of Danger followed, which could easily compare with their debut, and built up Omen's reputation as one of the forefathers of power metal acts.

In 1986 they released The Curse, their first release with major label distribution by Capitol Records in the US. In Japan the band climbed to Number 14 in the Burrn! Charts.

With new singer Coburn Pharr (who would later leave to join Annihilator) the band released Escape To Nowhere in 1988; although considered a departure from the classic Omen sound, "Thorn in Your Flesh" was their first hit single in the US.

In 1996, they signed with new label Massacre Records, and toured Europe with Fates Warning for the first time. In October 2003, their former singer, J.D. Kimball, died having succumbed to cancer after three years of treatment.

Currently, Omen has released seven studio albums worldwide, and a 20th anniversary box set. Promised release Hammer Damage has been delayed for more than 8 years and was released in 2016 via DSN Music.

Omen (ancient Rome)

In the religions of ancient Rome, an omen, plural omina, was a sign intimating the future, considered less important to the community than a prodigium but of great importance to the person who heard or saw it.

Omina could be good or bad. Unlike prodigies, bad omina were never expiated by public rites but could be reinterpreted, redirected or otherwise averted. Some time around 282 BC, a diplomatic insult formally "accepted as omen" was turned against Tarentum and helped justify its conquest. A thunderclap cost Marcellus his very brief consulship (215 BC): thereafter he traveled in an enclosed litter when on important business, to avoided sight of possible bad omens that might affect his plans. Bad omens could be more actively dealt with, by countersigns or spoken formulae. Before his campaign against Perseus of Macedon, the consul L Aemilius Paullus was said to have heard of the death of Perseus, his daughter's puppy. He interpreted this as a favourable omen and defeated King Perseus at the Battle of Pydna (168 BC).

Some evidently took omens very seriously. Others did not, or failed to avert bad omens and were thought to have paid the ultimate price. In 217 BC the consul Flaminius "disregarded his horse's collapse, the chickens, and yet other omens, before his disaster at Lake Trasimene". Licinius Crassus took ship for Syria despite the ominous call of a fig-seller – "Cauneas!" ("Caunean figs!"), which might be heard as "Cave ne eas!" ("Beware, don't go!") – and was killed on campaign. Cicero saw these events as merely coincidental; only the credulous could think them ominous. though by his time, politicians, military magnates and their supporters actively circulated tales of excellent omens that attended their births and careers.

Omen (rapper)

Omen is an American rapper and producer from Chicago, Illinois. He is signed to J. Cole's Dreamville Records and Interscope Records. His debut studio album Elephant Eyes, was released on July 21, 2015.

Omen (Blutengel album)

Omen is the ninth studio album from German futurepop band Blutengel. It will be released as a single CD, 2xCD digipack with a bonus disc, and a collectors edition box set with the 2xCD album and an EP entitled Dark & Pure Volume 2 featuring stripped down piano & guitar acoustic versions of songs from Omen, arranged and performed by Conrad Oleak with Chris and Ulrike.
Omen was preceded by two singles, Asche zu Asche & Sing, both with accompanying music videos directed by Carlo Roberti.

Omen (Antestor album)

Omen is the fourth studio album by the Norwegian Christian extreme metal band Antestor, released by Bombworks Records on November 16, 2012. Recording began in 2010, and was mostly conducted at the home of vocalist Ronny Hansen. The album cover is a painting by Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński, and depicts a deformed, many-fingered humanoid creature playing a trumpet. Antestor met with critical praise for its musicianship and the progressive sound on the recording. Critics described the sound as primarily black metal, though the band prefers the more general term "extreme metal" to describe the sound on Omen.

To promote the album, the band went on tour in Brazil in January 2013, but encountered difficulties. The venue at Belém was cancelled due to a banking error, and while at Belo Horizonte Antestor was stormed by violent protestors antagonistic to the Christian beliefs of the band members, and police had to usher the band to safety. Despite these setbacks, Antestor considered the tour a success, and wished no ill will on its attackers. On February 18, 2013, a music video was released for the song "Unchained".

Omen (Disclosure song)

"Omen" is a song by English electronic duo Disclosure. It features the vocals from English singer and songwriter Sam Smith. It was released as a digital download on 27 July 2015 under Island Records. It is the second single from Disclosure's second studio album, Caracal (2015), following " Holding On". It was written by Guy Lawrence, Howard Lawrence and Smith and co-written by Jimmy Napes. It is the second collaboration between Smith and Disclosure, following " Latch" in 2012. The song charted in multiple countries and is featured on the soundtrack for the video game FIFA 16.

Omen (Orbital song)

"Omen" is a single released by Orbital. This single was released in the UK on 11 September 1990. This is the follow up to their debut single " Chime".

Other tracks on the single are "2 Deep" and "Open Mind".

Omen (The Story Continues...)

Omen (The Story Continues...) is the debut studio album by German eurodance project Magic Affair. It was initially released on 16 May 1994 via Cologne Dance Label. The record also produced four singles, with the lead single " Omen III" becoming a big success in many European countries. The album continues the direction of the band's previous record Omen - The Story released in 1989 under name Mysterious Art; its first two singles were "Das Omen (Teil 1)" and "Carma (Omen 2)".

Usage examples of "omen".

Then along comes Apropos, whose mother witnessed an omen of a phoenix.

It was one thing to know that Rama was popular, quite another to witness this enormous display of support and joy and these auspicious omens.

Even he could see that the omens were all auspicious, and began to relax.

The monarch awoke, interpreted the auspicious omen, and obeyed, without hesitation, the will of Heaven.

In 1990 a leaflet from Dangerous Visions, a bookstore in Van Nuys, alerted me that Terry Pratchett and Neal Caiman would be in to autograph Good Omens.

When I got home Pauline came down of her own free will, and I was delighted with this, which I took for a good omen.

I could not possibly guess what such a high dignitary of State could want with my humble person, yet the message made us rather anxious, for Cantarini dal Zoffo was one of the Inquisitors, that is to say, a bird of very ill omen.

A multitude of whelps came forth from the lair of this barbaric lioness, in three cyuls, as they call them, that is, in there ships of war, with their sails wafted by the wind and with omens and prophecies favourable, for it was foretold by a certain soothsayer among them, that they should occupy the country to which they were sailing three hundred years, and half of that time, a hundred and fifty years, should plunder and despoil the same.

But they were now at their camp, and the jamadars, standing together for a little, settled it that the omens being favourable, and the wrath of the Dewan feared, they would take the way to the Pindari camp next day.

I felt calmer now that I was no longer crawling on hands and knees, and I told him quietly that the two accidents which had happened to him had nothing extraordinary in them, and that not even a superstitious person would call them omens, that I did not consider them in that light, and that they were far from damping my spirits.

I took her behaviour as an omen of my approaching conquest, and did not speak to M.

I thought this reply of such favourable omen that I no longer doubted of my success.

It was the first time that she had granted me such a favour, and it seemed to me a good omen.

The worthy marchioness was delighted to receive this order, and looked upon it as a good omen, for I had tired her dreadfully.

The old men muttered that it omened ill, but Daenerys Targaryen had seen it first on the night she had burned Khal Drogo, the night her dragons had awakened.