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Olin, IA -- U.S. city in Iowa
Population (2000): 716
Housing Units (2000): 323
Land area (2000): 0.994351 sq. miles (2.575356 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.007843 sq. miles (0.020312 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.002194 sq. miles (2.595668 sq. km)
FIPS code: 58980
Located within: Iowa (IA), FIPS 19
Location: 41.997599 N, 91.139924 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 52320
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Olin, IA

OLIN is an international landscape architecture, comprehensive planning and urban design firm founded in Philadelphia in 1976 by Laurie Olin and Robert Hanna. OLIN’s staff is composed of landscape architects, architects, project managers, and urban planners. The firm is led by twelve partners: Laurie Olin, Lucinda Sanders, Dennis McGlade, Susan Weiler, Robert Bedell, Hallie Boyce, Richard Newton, Skip Graffam, Chris Hanley, Steve Benz, Tiffany Beamer and Richard Roark. OLIN is most recognized for designs such as Bryant Park in New York City, the Washington Monument Grounds in Washington, DC, the J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles, 16th Street Mall in Denver, and Columbus Circle in New York City.

Olin (name)

Olin is both a surname and a given name.

There are various meanings of the name:

Middle English origin: From the word holly, the evergreen shrub or tree; ( Middle English holi(n), Old English holegn).

Old Norse origin: of the ancestors or "ancestor's heir" or "family's descendant"

Swedish: "to inherit"

Possible diminutive form of the name Olaf which has the same Old Norse meaning.

Possible variation of the name "Olen", Russian for deer.

Notable people with the name include:


  • Bob Olin, American boxer and former world light heavyweight champion
  • Charles H. Olin, Canadian politician from the Northwest Territories and Alberta
  • Franklin W. Olin, American industrialist, founder of the Olin Corporation and creator of the F. W. Olin Foundation
  • Gideon Olin, American politician from Vermont
  • Henry Olin, American politician from Vermont
  • Jim Olin, American politician from Virginia
  • John M. Olin, American industrialist, son of Franklin W. Olin
  • Ken Olin, American television actor, director and producer
  • Kristina Axén Olin, Swedish Moderate Party politician
  • Laurie Olin, American landscape architect
  • Lena Olin, Swedish actress
  • Margreth Olin, Norwegian film director
  • Roxy Olin, American actress and socialite, daughter of Ken Olin
  • Steve Olin, American professional baseball player
  • Stig Olin, Swedish actor
  • Thomas F. Olin, American industrialist, Chairman of Archway Cookies, Incorporated.
  • William M. Olin, Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth

Given name:

  • Olin Howland, American character actor
  • Olin Kreutz, professional football player for the Chicago Bears
  • Olin Stephens, American yacht designer

Usage examples of "olin".

He has written and (with the help of the enterprising cinematographer-director-producer Olin Thrash) produced two Star Trek plays while he was director of the Denham Springs (Louisiana) Community Theater.

Then Olin got me to Court late, and I had young Ronnie foisted on me, and now this.

Had he been paying closer attention, Aydrian might have garnered some valuable understanding of the old abbot’s frustrations with the Abellican Church, some better hint of the vision that Olin wanted to see brought to reality.

Old, his hair thin and stark white, and bent over his desk, hunchbacked Abbot Olin Gentille appeared much more frail than De’Unnero remembered him.

It contained a videocassette, unmarked except for a typed legend on a gummed label: Dexter Olin Unchained.

Within days of the President's speech, Olin Wilson launched a program to study the feasibility of encapsulating anthrax, plague virus, and other disease strains and implanting them within the human body to create a walking biological time bomb that could be triggered either ten minutes from now, ten years from now, or at any moment in between.

If this is done properly, and I hold all faith in Abbot Olin, our conquest of Jacintha will be nearly bloodless.

I expect that Jacintha will be yours, my friend Abbot Olin, and very quickly.

Abbot Olin, who loves Jacintha as he loves Entel, desires stability in Behren, for only in the calm of order might the greater questions concerning the dramatic events within Chezru be properly explored.

Bretherford realized that this was not about Olin, for if Aydrian was truly afraid of the potential consequences concerning Jacintha and Behren, he would have merely held the greedy abbot in check and waited until Honce-the-Bear was fully secured before turning his sights to the south.

On a warship not far from Jacintha harbor, and flying the flag of the kingdom to the north, Abbot Olin and Duke Bretherford listened carefully as Master Mackaront recounted a similar tale of the changing situation south of the great Behrenese city.

And what better prize to show to Olin than the city of Jacintha and all the land about it?

Bretherford couldn’t deny the effectiveness of the move, for he did not doubt that the forces secretly arrayed by Honce-the-Bear to defend Jacintha would prove more than sufficient and would indeed allow Olin to begin a power grab.

At one point, she did inquire of the man seated on her other side, a lesser Yatol, of the arrival of Abbot Olin, but he only replied cryptically that the Jacintha garrison was stronger than ever before, and that all of Behren would soon enough be put back in order.

Hang Olin from the tallest tower in Jacintha, or from the mast of Prince Midalis’ own ship.