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Oenoe (Οινόη), also written Oinoi or Oene, may refer to:

Oenoe (mythology)

In Greek mythology, the name Oenoe or Oinoe may refer to:

  • Oenoe, an impious Pygmy woman, wife of Nicodamas and mother of Mopsus. She was changed by Hera into a crane because of her impiety; Hera also made the Pygmies start a war against cranes. Oenoe, missing her son, would still come near the house where he lived, which caused the war to go on and on. This Oenoe is otherwise known as Gerana.
  • Oenoe, eponym of a deme in Attica (now Oinoi), sister of Epochus.
  • Oenoe, an Arcadian nymph, one of the nurses of infant Zeus. She is probably the same as Oenoe, possible mother of Pan by Aether, and Oeneis, also a possible mother of Pan, this time by Zeus.
  • Oenoe or Oenoie, Naiad nymph of the homonymous island, mother of Sicinus by Thoas.
  • Oenoe, a Maenad follower of Dionysus.
Oenoe (moth)

Oenoe is a genus of moths belonging to the family Tineidae.