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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oddment \Odd"ment\, n. [Odd + -ment.] An odd thing, or one that is left over, disconnected, fragmentary, or the like; something that is separated or disconnected from its fellows; Specif.: (Printing) Any separate small part or page in a book, other than the text, such as the title page, contents, etc.

A miscellaneous collection of riddles, charms, gnomic verses, and ``oddments'' of different kinds.

2. A piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold.

Syn: end, remainder, remnant, scrap.

3. Something unusual, and perhaps worthy of collecting.

Syn: curio, curiosity, oddity, peculiarity, rarity, collectible.

4. pl. Odds and ends; a motley assortment of things.

Syn: odds and ends, melange, farrago, ragbag, hodgepodge, hotchpotch, omnium-gatherum.


n. 1 Something left over, such as a piece of cloth; a remnant or offcut. 2 Something unusual, an oddity. 3 (cx dated English) A miscellaneous collection of riddles, charms, gnomic verses, etc.

  1. n. a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold [syn: end, remainder, remnant]

  2. something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting [syn: curio, curiosity, oddity, peculiarity, rarity]

Usage examples of "oddment".

We distributed several small cogs, a few clock wheels, several camera fitments, some small, tangled bunches of copper wire, and other attractive oddments.

The common uses of four centuries were assembled here--crude English copies of Flemish tapestry, a Restoration cupboard, Georgian stools, a Coromandel screen, the drums of a Peninsular regiment, a case of Victorian samplers--the oddments left by a dozen generations.

I shut my eyes to recall every hairy inch of carpeting, every fringe, every rococo ceiling oddment, all, all brasswork decor, firedog, switchplates, log-bucket, and doorknob.

I shut my eyes to recall every hairy inch of carpeting, every fringe, every rococo ceiling oddment, all brasswork decor, firedog, switchplates, log bucket, and doorknob.

On the bench rested a tray of oddments including a ball of bright red yarn and two large hooked wooden needles, a wine cup, a chess set carved of ivory, a bowl and spoon, a bundle of rosemary with a sprinkling of pale blue flowers among the spiky leaves, and a writing knife, stoppered inkhorn, and several uncut goose quills.

She took two long steps and seized the marlinespike, yanking it off the desk in a shower of rubbish and clanging oddments.

Lilli and her two lasses, Clodda and Nalla, Princess Bellyra had sent a cart with a royal amount of gear - mattresses, blankets, a little half-round chair for Lilli, a chest of clothes and oddments, even an old, faded Bardek carpet for the floor.

This consisted of four large attics, two of which were crammed with oddments of furniture.

The oddments usually in it were no longer there, the two woollen guernseys, his other cap, a good Sunday waistcoat, and a muffler.

Lew on the trail, shouting oddments of Scots songs in his rich voice, and verses of the metrical Psalms of his youth, engaged in thunderous discourse with the Hare in his own tongue, seemed to dominate the snowdrifts and the blizzards and the spells of paralysing cold.

It was filled with oddments of reference: large-scale maps, back copies of Who's Who, old Baedekers.

The men, however, had brightly colored designs painted on one cheek, while the women wore broochlike oddments tucked into their elaborately curled and piled hair.

The Wart was familiar with the nests of spar-hawk and Gos, those crazy conglomerations of sticks and oddments which had been taken over from squirrels or crows, and he knew how the twigs and the tree foot were splashed with white mutes, old bones, muddy feathers and castings.

On a sideboard rested a miscellany of curios and oddments: a pyramid of black stone, a coil of rope, glass bottles, small masks hanging on a board, stacked books, a zither, a brass instrument of many arcs and beams, a bouquet of flowers carved from stone.

There were only a few personal oddments and an envelope containing some press cuttings about doping.