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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The street is lined with shops selling souvenirs and curios.
▪ Along the west wall, macabre curios and warped ornaments throng the shelves.
▪ Already they had the air of curios or souvenirs - oddities from another age.
▪ But her enthusiasm was swiftly dampened by a visit to a curio shop, where she bought several overpriced souvenirs.
▪ Lighted curio cabinets with sliding doors range from $ 650 to $ 1, 100.
▪ The choice in shopping ranges from department stores to chic boutiques. curios to high fashion.
▪ They are curios, but their use is alien to Old Worlder ears.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Curio \Cu"ri*o\ (k?"r?-?), n.; pl. Curios (-?z). [Abbreviation of curiosity.] Any curiosity[3] or article of virtu; any object esteemed for its unusual nature.

The busy world, which does not hunt poets as collectors hunt for curios.
--F. Harrison.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"piece of bric-a-brac from the Far East," 1851, shortened form of curiosity (n.).


n. A strange and interesting object which invokes curiosity.


n. something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting [syn: curiosity, oddity, oddment, peculiarity, rarity]


Curio may refer to:

Curio (band)

Curio (stylized as CURIO) was a Japanese pop rock band formed in 1995. They were best known to Western audiences for their song "Kimi ni Fureru Dake de", which was used as the third opening theme for the popular anime Rurouni Kenshin.

Curio (brand)

Curio – A Collection by Hilton is a luxury hotel brand part of Hilton Worldwide's portfolio. Curio is a soft brand, meaning its hotels are supported by Hilton, but retain their own individual branding. Hilton selects independent boutique hotels to be part of the Curio collection based on their character and with the aim of offering travelers a unique local experience.

The brand was launched in June 2014. By January 2016, Curio had opened 20 hotels in four countries including the United States, Jamaica, Argentina and Germany.

Curio collection hotels use Hilton's reservation system and are part of Hilton HHonors, Hilton Worldwide’s guest-loyalty program.

Usage examples of "curio".

Swords and assagais adorned the walls, and many native curios were arranged about on tables.

Curio as tribune of the plebs, hurrying from Gaul, sent ahead and registered as a candidate for the vacant augurship of Quintus Hortensius.

Some were zooming towards the cuttles, but others were homing in on the curios crowding the aft.

Picturing the array of curios that Jarrock had personally chosen, The Shadow could actually fit the pieces of his theory.

Having neatly plucked the gun as Laverock dropped it, The Shadow was examining it as a curio.

Licinius Murena, Lucius Licinius Lucullus, and Gaius Scribonius Curio.

Perhaps, thought Curio cynically, because he radiated masculinity without owning beauty of face.

But Curio summed it up so well all the rest of us could add was that Clodius is insane.

Curio, tribunus plebis, cum Caesaris causam dignitatemque defendendam suscepisset, saepe erat senatui pollicitus, si quem timor armorum Caesaris laederet, et quoniam Pompei dominatio atque arma non minimum terrorem foro inferrent, discederet uterque ab armis exercitusque dimitteret: fore eo facto liberam et sui iuris civitatem.

Curio, Antony, Plancus Bursa, Pompeius Rufus, Decimus Brutus, Poplicola and Sextus Cloelius.

The boxes were loosely packed, but none of the Mayan curios were missing, for Salter had a list that he consulted while he made the check-up.

March ended, April began and ended, and still Curio maintained his veto, unintimidated by the wildest threats of trial or death.

In the few scant stretches of unshelved wall, niches held statues and a few ignored curios forlorn in polished glass cases.

But it was adorned here and there with cranes, guns, a wee crenellated castle, and other curios.

He believes that Curio is well and truly capable of dealing with a Pontic invasion of Macedonia-last year Curio and Cosconius in Illyricum worked as a team to such effect that they rolled up the Dardani and the Scordisci, and Curio is now making inroads on the Bessi.