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interj. (alternative spelling of nah English)

Nuh (surah)

Sūrat Nūḥ (, “Noah”) is the seventy-first sura of the Quran with 28 ayat. It is about the Islamic prophet Noah (Nūḥ) and his complaint about his people rejecting all warning God gave them through Noah.


Nuh may refer to:

  • Nuh (city), a town in Mewat district, Haryana, India
  • Nuh (sura), the 71st sura of the Qur'an
Nuh (city)

Nuh is the district headquarters of the Nuh district (officially known as Nuh district) in the Indian state of Haryana ,. It lies on the National Highway 248-A i.e. Delhi- Alwar highway about from Gurgaon. The town assumed importance at the time of Bahadur Singh of Ghasera because of the trade in salt manufactured in neighboring villages.

To the west of the town is a masonry tank of red sandstone tank featuring a chhatri adorned with floral designs, possibly connected with the name of Chuhi Mal. The tomb of Sheikh Musa combines Muslim and Rajput forms of architecture, and is about from the town.

Nuh (name)

Nuh is a masculine given name. It is the Arabic form of Noah. The name Nuh means "the one who cries a lot"