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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nova \No"va\ (n[=o]"v[.a]), n.; pl. L. Novae (n[=o]"v[=e]), E. Novas (n[=o]"v[.a]z). [L., fem. sing. of novus new.] (Astron.) A star which suddenly increases in brightness thousands of times, then fades back to near its original intensity. It may appear as a ``new'' star if its original brightness was too low for routine observation. A star which suddenly increases in brightness to many millions of times its original intensity is a supernova, and the postulated mechanisms for the increases of brightness of novae and supernovae are different. Note: The most important modern nov[ae] are: No"va Co*ro"n[ae] Bo`re*a"lis[1866]; No"va Cyg"ni[1876]; No"va An*dro"me*d[ae][1885]; No"va Au*ri"g[ae][1891-92]; No"va Per"se*i[1901]. There are two nov[ae] called Nova Persei. They are:

  1. A small nova which appeared in 1881.

  2. An extraordinary nova which appeared in Perseus in 1901. It was first sighted on February 22, and for one night (February 23) was the brightest star in the sky. By July it had almost disappeared, after which faint surrounding nebulous masses were discovered, apparently moving radially outward from the star at incredible velocity.


alt. (plural of nova English) n. (plural of nova English)

  1. n. a star that ejects some of its material in the form of a cloud and become more luminous in the process

  2. [also: novae (pl)]


See nova


Novae is an archaeological site situated on the Danube in northern Bulgaria, about 4 kilometres east of the modern town Svishtov. It was a legionary base and late Roman town in the Roman province Moesia Inferior, later Moesia II.

Usage examples of "novae".

Si scoprì infatti che le novae sono una coppia di stelle con un centro gravitazionale co­mune, e cosi vicine l’una all’altra da causare reciprocamente notevoli influenze di marea.

Le novae avrebbero brillato ab­bastanza per poter essere indivi­duate una per una con un buon telescopio, ma sarebbero state lo stesso troppo fievoli in confronto alle stelle della nostra Galassia.

Ne con­cluse che la nebulosa era effetti­vamente una galassia, che conte­neva così tante stelle che le novae erano di conseguenza numerosis­sime.

Solita­mente le novae hanno una lumi­nosità temporanea di qualche centinaio di migliaia di volte maggiore del Sole.

It had become known as the Twin Novae Battle, but really what had been done to each of the suns had generated something more like a supernova on each.

The Mind that was Masaq’ Orbital Hub had its own reasons for wanting to commemorate the Twin Novae Battle and had asked the indulgence of its inhabitants, announcing that for the interval between the first nova and the second it would be observing its own private term of mourning, although without affecting the execution of its duties.

Would it be to mark the end of the Twin Novae period, commissioned by Hub?

Several hundred thousand smaller bodies are speeding towards us right now, earmarked to provide an over-the-top light show for the first night of your new orchestral work at the end of the Twin Novae period.

She’d wanted to be reawakened in time to see the light from the second of the Twin Novae shine down upon Masaq’.

Near the end they were both present when the Battle of the Twin Novae took place, in the region of space known as Arm One-Six.

Not from a point within the universe, for novae occur in even concentration throughout the universe.

Space must be swarming with super-neutrons-say one every thousand cubic parsecs-so that in spite of the vast distances between the stars and the relative minuteness of the targets, twenty novae occur in our single Galaxy every year-that is, there are twenty collisions between superneutrons and stars annually.

These remarkable novae, which Nushain could discern only as three reddish blurs, formed a small equilateral triangle.

There, after collating the opinions of several old-time astrologers on the power exerted by novae, he began to recast his own horoscope.

The appearance of the triangle of novae in conjunction with the Dog signified clearly that Nushain was to start ere long on an unpremeditated journey which would involve the transit of no less than three elements.