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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Nouveau riche

Nouveau riche \Nou`veau" riche"\, m., Nouvelle riche \Nou`velle" riche"\, f.; pl. m. Noveaux riches, f. Nouvelles riches. A person newly rich. Contrasted with old money.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
nouveau riche

1813, French, literally "new rich." Opposite noveau pauvre is attested from 1965. Ancient Greek had the same idea in neo-ploutos "newly become rich."

nouveau riche

a. newly rich; like a nouveau riche. n. (context pejorative English) new money; wealthy persons whose fortunes are newly acquired, and who are therefore perceived to lack the refinement of those who were raised wealthy.

Nouveau Riche

Nouveau riche refers to a social class.

Nouveau Riche may also refer to:

  • Nouveau Riche (Philadelphia band)
  • Nouveau Riche (Swedish band)
  • Nouveau Riche (college), a defunct, unaccredited real estate investment college
Nouveau Riche (Swedish band)

Nouveau Riche (NR) was a musical group which included Ulrich Bermsjö and Dominika Peczynski, who was later replaced by Camilla Brink. The group was created by Bermsjö and Peczynski, an ex-member of Army Of Lovers, in 2005.

Their debut single "Oh Lord", written by Bermsjö and Mattias Lindblom together with Anders Wollbeck from Vacuum, was released in November 2005. It was followed by the single "Hardcore Life", after which Peczynski decided to leave the band. While for a short period the future of Nouveau Riche seemed uncertain, Pick Up Music announced the group would continue with Camilla Brink replacing Peczynski.

The first single with Camilla in the group was "Angels", and the debut album "Pink Trash" was subsequently released.

Their website and Myspace page make no mention of Peczynski or the fact that there have been two previous singles before "Angels" and when Camilla joined the group. Pick Up Music have not issued any statements regarding this.

There has been no news or new material issued by the group since the single "Stay", for which there was no physical release, in 2007, but in December 2008, American label ISV Entertainment released the "Stay E.P.", a collection of remixes for the song and previously released and unreleased mixes for other album songs.

Nouveau Riche (college)

Nouveau Riche was a multi-level marketing company and a non- accredited vocational school specializing in real estate investing. Class topics ranged from introductory real estate investing to advanced techniques such as creative real estate investing techniques including wholesaling, multi-units, and short sales; examples of course titles are "Fix & Flip" and "Creative Financing."

The company takes its name from the French term nouveau riche, which refers to those with "new money", or who created wealth within their own generation as opposed to inheriting a family fortune (" old money").

Nouveau Riche University closed down on December 31, 2010.

Nouveau Riche (Philadelphia band)

Nouveau Riche was a Philadelphia based music group led by Dice Raw and Nikki Jean.

An EP was released in 2008, called the Nouveau Riche Longtail EP, downloadable for free on the group's official Myspace page, and has managed to obtain considerable success all over the Internet.

The band was also nominated for the 2007 Okayplayer Music Awards in the Rookie of the Year Category but lost to Gym Class Heroes.

After releasing a second EP for free through their Myspace page in 2008 which was titled Free Money EP, the band announced that they'd break up and that "Nouveau Riche is no more".

Usage examples of "nouveau riche".

A nouveau riche himself, Ryan smiled at some of the buildings in sympathy.

He'd at best want you to be his mistress if you weren't Case Vecchie, and him nouveau riche.

But you could feel her fierce egalitarian scorn, in the way she had highlighted their silliness and pretension, and the compassion she displayed for the nouveau riche who tried to break in, and for the wallflower who sat unfeted through ball after ball.

He was the classic bourgeois gentilhomme, the upstart nouveau riche of all time.

Some nouveau riche MacLaine, she was, with money to burn and an idea that Martian crystals were even better than Earth crystals in terms of aura or whatever the hell it was they talked about in their sad, upscale churches.

She had gone to work for those nouveau riche Lankfords, with the ghastly house that proved just how nouveau their riches truly were.

He was a tall aloof figure, slightly unkempt, with that well-worn appearance that the British upper class cultivate to show they are not nouveau riche.

Every kind of evil weed that stank, stabbed, or scratched was strutting its stuff like nouveau riche Texas hicks with an oil strike.

Viewed as comic wastrels by the 'sophisticated' West, they were merely the newest entry in a long line of nouveau riche nations of which America had been a recent part.