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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The member of staff must also notify the emergency duty team.
▪ The prison agency also notified victims by mail when a convict was released from prison.
▪ They also notify the government's other watchdog body the Genetic Manipulation Advisory Group.
▪ The Federal Aviation Administration is also notified to ensure that there is no conflict with civilian air traffic, she said.
▪ He said Congress will be formally notified of the plan.
▪ However, the league has not been notified formally or informally that Johnson is indeed returning.
▪ Smith has not yet been formally notified of the Army's findings.
▪ The winner will be notified immediately and his or her prize will follow within 21 days.
▪ If any further casualties are located, the statement said, family members will be notified immediately.
▪ Golf clubs may be carried within this allowance provided we are notified in advance.
▪ As factors affecting this requirement are sometimes not known until departure date, we can not always notify you in advance.
▪ The purpose should have been notified in advance so that those attending are able to assemble any information they need.
▪ Only six such groups are allowed into the centres after notifying the authorities, and then only eight times a year.
▪ The bank refused to accept the deposit and notified authorities.
▪ From safety she could notify the authorities of Travis's whereabouts and still get out of the country before he caught up.
▪ If the developer has notified the planning authority in advance then the twenty eight day period is extended to four months.
▪ In another example, two customers with a joint account notify their bank of change of address.
▪ He neglects to notify you of a change of address.
▪ Parties must not give effect to a merger before they notify it to the Commission and for three weeks thereafter.
▪ The lender notifies the customer that the account has been assigned and that payment should be made directly to the lender.
▪ Should you wish to give away substantial sums of money which will reduce your savings you should notify the Department.
▪ They declined to identify the pilot because his family has not yet been notified, the State Department said.
▪ I was never officially notified by the Immigration department.
▪ The teacher should always notify the record office in advance and check that there is suitable material for a particular topic.
▪ Health and Environmental Control Department officials notified about 500 residents of the inspections at a meeting Tuesday.
▪ Safeway officials began notifying employees whose jobs might be affected since the Phoenix testing program began last October, Lambert said.
▪ Usually an administrative service, e.g. notifying all interested parties that a Design Change is awaiting assessment.
▪ A resident spotted a man sitting in a car watching the fire and notified police.
▪ The doctor in the emergency room notified the police.
▪ I notified the police on site and passed on my phone number to all diving parties present.
▪ The Manwarings' family notified the police days after the murders, fearing at first that father and daughter might have been kidnapped.
▪ They do, however, decide whether to notify the state or federal authorities who lead such investigations.
▪ They declined to identify the pilot because his family has not yet been notified, the State Department said.
▪ Baggage Condition 2 also requires that the transport company, authority or hotel should have been notified in writing.
▪ All of the tenants have been notified in writing that interested parties may wish to carry out internal inspections.
▪ The investigators also are looking into how many jurors were contacted and whether any had responded or failed to notify the court.
▪ Students are required to notify the Academic Registrar immediately of any change in their term-time address.
▪ Visa requires member banks to notify it 30 days in advance of imposing a surcharge.
▪ The Vendor objects to being required to notify the Purchaser of breaches which may come to light between exchange and completion.
▪ Have you notified the police?
▪ Passengers are requested to notify a member of staff if they see suspicious packages.
▪ Police notified the boy's parents of his death immediately.
▪ Staff were notified several months in advance that they would be losing their jobs.
▪ He simply notified the attorney general of a threat to the public peace and asked him to enforce federal law.
▪ If any further casualties are located, the statement said, family members will be notified immediately.
▪ It uses icons to notify the user of background mail activity.
▪ Only six such groups are allowed into the centres after notifying the authorities, and then only eight times a year.
▪ The prison agency also notified victims by mail when a convict was released from prison.
▪ We have to be sure to notify them when we move.
▪ Winners will be notified by April 15 and will be allowed to bring three guests.
▪ You will be notified if a longer delay is expected.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Notify \No"ti*fy\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Notified; p. pr. & vb. n. Notifying.] [F. notifier, L. notificare; notus known (p. p. of noscere to known) + -ficare (in comp.) to make. See Know, and -fy.]

  1. To make known; to declare; to publish; as, to notify a fact to a person.

    No law can bind till it be notified or promulged.

  2. To give notice to; to inform by notice; to apprise; as, the constable has notified the citizens to meet at the city hall; the bell notifies us of the time of meeting.

    The President of the United States has notified the House of Representatives that he has approved and signed the act.
    --Journal of the Senate, U. S.

    Note: This application of notify has been condemned; but it is in constant good use in the United States, and in perfect accordance with the use of certify.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Old French notefiier "make known, inform, apprise" (13c.), from Latin notificare "to make known, notify," from Latin notus "known" (see notice (n.)) + root of facere "make, do" (see factitious). Related: Notified; notifying.


vb. (context transitive English) To give (someone) notice of (something).

  1. v. give information or notice to; "I advised him that the rent was due" [syn: advise, give notice, send word, apprise, apprize]

  2. [also: notified]

Usage examples of "notify".

And when the accused has given him a copy of the appeal, the Judge shall notify him that he has yet two days before he need answer it, and after those two days thirty more before he need prepare the apostils of the case.

These requirements can be met by legislation, following constitutional amendment where necessary, providing that where the owner of cut or burned-over land will contract with the State to insure reforestation and protection for a specified term of years, the State shall notify the county assessor that the land is separated for taxation purposes from any forest growth thereon.

Having done this, I notified the Senate of the fact, and this enabled the wiser heads of the Senate to substitute for the house resolution a resolution approving my action, and in this way the passage of the dangerous resolution was avoided.

UN Astronautics Commission notified by Limberg just previous to this statement.

He would notify their insurance carrier who would assign it to a litigation firm, probably one in Philadelphia.

The malefactor would be attacked, arrested, forced to pay the tax and, if unable to do so, led away to prison without even notifying his family.

He notified his supervisor, who passed the notice up the chain of command.

Washington Center advises NEADS that Flight 93 has crashed in PA More than the actual events,inaccurate government accounts of those events made it appear that the military was notified in time to respond to two of the hijackings,raising questions about the adequacy of the response.

Nine months later, his attorney notified the court that he could not locate his client.

Specifically, according to one inmate, Abdullah claimed an unnamed individual had notified him that Hazmi and Mihdhar would be arriving in Los Angeles with plans to carry out an attack.

KSM, in late August, when the operation was fully planned, Bin Ladin formally notified the al Qaeda Shura Council that a major attack against the United States would take place in the coming weeks.

On June 22, the CIA notified all its station chiefs about intelligence suggesting a possible al Qaeda suicide attack on a U.

State Department notified all embassies of the terrorist threat and updated its worldwide public warning.

Instead, they were notified only after Kuala Lumpur sounded the alarm.

Southeast Air Defense Sector was notified of the event at 9:55, 28 minutes later.