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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nose \Nose\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Nosed (n[=o]zd); p. pr. & vb. n. Nosing.]

  1. To smell; to scent; hence, to track, or trace out.

  2. To touch with the nose; to push the nose into or against; hence, to interfere with; to treat insolently.

    Lambs . . . nosing the mother's udder.

    A sort of national convention, dubious in its nature . . . nosed Parliament in the very seat of its authority.

  3. To utter in a nasal manner; to pronounce with a nasal twang; as, to nose a prayer. [R.]

  4. To confront; be closely face to face or opposite to; meet.

  5. To furnish with a nose; as, to nose a stair tread.

  6. To examine with the nose or sense of smell.

  7. To make by advancing the nose or front end; as, the train nosed its way into the station;

  8. (Racing Slang) to beat by (the length of) a nose. Hence, to defeat in a contest by a small margin; also used in the form nose out.


Nosing \Nos"ing\, n. (Arch.) That part of the treadboard of a stair which projects over the riser; hence, any like projection, as the projecting edge of a molding.


n. 1 That part of the treadboard of a stair that projects over the riser. 2 Any similar projection, such as the projecting edge of a moulding. vb. (present participle of nose English)


Nosing may refer to:

  • Stair nosing; the protruding edge of a stair
  • The action of using one's nose to smell aromas; as in "nosing wine"
  • To meddle or pry in another's personal business

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Usage examples of "nosing".

Skirrik loose in Dum Besar, nosing out those not-placed, those without masters to speak for them.

She picked up the nearest puppy, who had blundered up against her foot and was nosing it hopefully.

Another, rose-colored, and whiskered like a cat, came nosing out of a bed of gray coralline weed.

I tried again, nosing the heli around within the tight confines of the compound.

Burn was already up at the entry to the cabin, nosing the door, having gotten, over a lifetime, damned clever with latches and latch strings.

Gary and Lea in turn, had passed him enough gold for a substantial bribe if the FedRats were insistent on nosing about too closely.

Hutt like sleaks on swamp scum, nosing around, building a case, and Filba was on the verge of being arrested, and he had taken the poison to avoid be ing court-martialed and executed .

Chowpatty Beach did not give birth to a superbomb nosing out of the surf on rubberized treads.

The principalities are mobilizing, and agents of the Virga Home Guard have been seen nosing around, even here.

At the moment, Webb could see the two mares nosing at the straw scattered in clumps next to the shed, offering them browse.

My rabbits, Denny the Yenta Drady, Jack Saunders, and John Engraft, were up front, nosing a path through the rice fields for the rest of us to follow.

The ferret was nosing around the front wheel Jake Ambler had so carefully scrubbed down, looking like it was about ready to lift its leg, if ferrets do that.

Maybe Sutcliffe was getting twitchy, and had overreacted when Patrick started nosing around.

The first pirate vinta was nosing into the cove when two others came into sight.

The anchorman pulled the hooks free, then ran, leaping aboard just as the boat floated clear, nosing round into the current.