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Nortt is a Danish one-man black funeral doom metal band formed in 1995. The band's sole member, who similarly goes by the name 'Nortt' (a pseudonym, his real name is unknown), describes his music as "Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal". In terms of lyrics and imagery (for instance the use of corpse paint) he is akin to other black metal acts, while the sound of his music is closer to doom metal.

On his official website Nortt reveals a fascination with darkness, night, nihilism, solitude, misery, misanthropy and death. In an interview he remarked: "Death ... is viewed as an inevitable and alluring phenomenon. Death is described from the perspective of the dying and from the dead. The uncertainty of death is preached as more thrilling than the well-known pain of life." He is a self-proclaimed nihilist, and thinks that religion is for the weak. He takes pride in being a strong individual and repeatedly degrades "weak" individuals. While he despises religion, he views the occult and old (pre- Christian, pagan) religions with respect. Nortt believes that it takes strength to be a Satanist, because of its existentialism and free thought.

For his third full-length album, Galgenfrist, he signed with Italian underground label Avantgarde Music.