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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Noria \No"ri*a\ (n[=o]"r[i^]*[.a]), n. [Sp., from Ar. n[=a]'[=u]ra.] A large water wheel, turned by the action of a stream against its floats, and carrying at its circumference buckets, by which water is raised and discharged into a trough; used in Arabia, China, and elsewhere for irrigating land; a Persian wheel.


n. a water wheel with buckets attached to the rim; used to raise water for transfer to an irrigation channel


A noria (, nā‘ūra, from , nā‘urā) is a machine activated by water power and used for lifting water into a small aqueduct, either for the purpose of irrigation or for the use in towns and villages. There is at least one known instance where it feeds seawater into a saltern.

Noria (disambiguation)

A noria is a machine for lifting water into a small aqueduct.

Noria may also refer to:

  • Asher Noria (born 1992), Indian sport shooter
  • Noria Mabasa (born 1938), South African artist

Usage examples of "noria".

Sitting on the very edge of the platform was Noria, nervously staring down at her hands in her lap.

He noticed a carved wooden bowl and some drinking cups on a nearby stand and started to reach, but Noria saw his intention and jumped up to fill the cups.

Thonolan had poked his head in the tent earlier, showing him a couple of gaffs, but Jondalar had waved him off, wrapped his arm around Noria, and gone back to sleep.

Jondalar glimpsed Noria once from a distance as she was escorted by several women to some place farther upstream.

Haduma was standing beside Noria when Jondalar stopped in front of them.

He turned to go, but not before he saw the curly-haired young man Jeren had sent as a runner looking at Noria with lovesick eyes.

That old Haduma wanted Noria to have a baby with blue eyes like mine, and after her First Rites, Noria told me she would have a son of my spirit, with my blue eyes.

Both Noria and the old Haduma herself had seemed convinced that his spirit had entered her and that a new life had begun.

While he was holding his member, watching the steaming arc of strong-smelling yellow water pouring on the ground, he wondered if Noria ever did have the baby Haduma said she would, and if that organ he was holding was responsible for it.

Then, thinking back to Noria and the First Rites ceremony, he recalled the white horsehide hanging on the wall behind the bed, decorated with the red heads of immature great spotted woodpeckers.

Jondalar said, sincerely wishing that he had found out whether Noria ever did have a baby, and if it had his blue eyes.

Tebas que vio dos soles, con la tartamudez, con loros, con espejos, con ecos, con mulas de noria y con silogismos bicornutos.

But I want to apologize to those women - to Dove, and Paula, and Noria, to Sam and Mackie and all the rest - for not finding another way to handle it, for taking advantage of you that way, because I was Kip Knight and you knew there was a long line of women waiting to be where you were.

Asklepia in Noria, but without an escort of twenty armed men I cannot risk the journey south along the coast.

The date groves and norias of the riverside were lost in a sea of tents, orderly clumps and rows, dog-lines running for kilometers, artillery parks with everything from the common pompoms to heavy muzzle loading howitzers.