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Norby is a fictional robot created by Janet Asimov and Isaac Asimov who stars in his own series of children's science fiction books, The Norby Chronicles. His first appearance was in the 1983 book Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot, in total he appeared in 11 novels in the 'Norby' series. According to Isaac Asimov, although Janet Asimov did 90% of the work, his "name was wanted on the book for the betterment of sales [and he] went over the manuscript and polished it a bit."

Norby (TV series)

Norby is an American sitcom television series that aired from January 5 until April 6, 1955 on NBC. This was one of the first regular weekly series broadcast by NBC in its new all-electronic compatible color system, which had been approved by the FCC in 1953. Norby starred veteran film actor David Wayne, and was created by writer David Swift, then best known as the creator of the popular sitcom Mister Peepers. Eastman Kodak was the program's sponsor, and it was filmed in Eastmancolor. The series ended when Kodak pulled its sponsorship due to the high costs of filming Norby in color.

Norby (name)

Norby may refer to the following people

Given name
  • Norby Chabert (born 1975), American political consultant
  • Norby Williamson, American business executive
  • Cæcilie Norby (born 1964), Danish jazz and rock singer
  • Chris Norby (born 1949), American politician
  • Erik Norby (1936–2007), Danish composer
  • Ghita Nørby (born 1935), Danish actress
  • Henrik Norby (1889–1964), Norwegian Olympic modern pentathlete
  • John Norby (1910–1998), American football running back
  • Kate Norby (born 1976), American actress
  • Paul R. Norby (1913–2015), rear admiral in the United States Naval Reserve
  • Reginald Norby (1934–2012), Norwegian diplomat
  • Søren Norby (died 1530), Danish naval officer
Norby (disambiguation)

Norby is a fictional robot created by Janet and Isaac Asimov. Norby may also refer to

  • Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot (1983), the first book in the Norby series by Janet and Isaac Asimov
  • Norby (TV series), American sitcom television series
  • Norby Telecom, the first IP based Pan-Baltic telecom
  • Norby (name)