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n. (plural of nook English)

Usage examples of "nooks".

On the long artificial lake, with innumerable rushy nooks and water-lilies and coverture of leaves floating flat and bright in the sun, the halftame wild duck and shy water-hens had remote little worlds, and flew and splashed when all Becket was abed, quite as if the human spirit, with its monkey-tricks and its little divine flame, had not yet been born.

Up here there were lots of nooks and crannies, tiny bedrooms and only two baths.

Monster, there were no hiding places in that building, no nooks, crannies, or hidey-holes.

Sometimes I went forth to the nooks in the deep meadows by the hazel mounds, and sometimes I parted the ash-tree wands.

Then Nooks uttered words which were, I must confess, music to my ears.

Leslie sounded puzzled, and Nooks added his voice to the vote of confidence.

Peter sat down slowly, and I sat opposite him, ignoring the restive Nooks and his articled clerk.

Jenny took Ann and me was brim full of charming simplicity--the floors were natural pine, the chairs were cane-seated and ladder-backed, the curtains at the window nooks were yellowed lace.