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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nonconformity \Non*con*form"i*ty\, n. Neglect or failure of conformity; especially, in England, the neglect or refusal to unite with the established church in its rites and modes of worship.


n. 1 rejection of or the failure to conform, especially to standards, rules, or laws 2 (context religion English) the refusal to adhere to a state religion 3 (context geology English) A type of unconformity in which a non-sedimentary rock intrudes in sedimentary layers.

  1. n. lack of harmony or correspondence

  2. a lack of conformity [syn: nonconformance] [ant: conformity]

  3. unorthodoxy as a consequence of not conforming to expected standards or values

  4. failure to conform [ant: conformity]

Nonconformity (quality)

In quality management, a nonconformity (also known as a defect) is a deviation from a specification, a standard, or an expectation. Nonconformities are classified as either critical, major, or minor.

In software engineering, ISO/IEC 9126 distinguishes between a defect and a nonconformity; a defect is the nonfulfilment of intended usage requirements, whereas a nonconformity is the nonfulfilment of a requirement. A similar distinction is made between validation and verification.

Nonconformity (Nelson Algren book)

Nonconformity is a memoir by Nelson Algren, published posthumously in 1996.

It focuses on the making of the 1955 film version of his novel The Man with the Golden Arm, and also presents his philosophy as a writer.

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Nonconformity may refer to:

  • Nonconformity to the world, a biblical principal
  • Nonconformity (literature), a memoir by Nelson Algren, published posthumously in 1992
  • Non-conformists of the 1930s, an avantgarde movement during the inter-war period in France
  • Nonconformity (quality), a term in quality management
  • A type of unconformity in geology
  • Nonconformism, the state of Protestants in England and Wales who do not adhere to the Church of England

Usage examples of "nonconformity".

Leah, who d never had the kind oe wealth that inspired total nonconformity, liked to go into things with her eyes open.

So long as I thought it was on the score of Nonconformity alone that you were suffering persecution, I was willing to take some risk in hiding you.

To the Church, as represented by my mother, and to Nonconformity, in the person of my father, this was an equally intolerable prospect.

To a British audience, he would seem to be asserting his nonconformity, his disregard of the Establishment.

This is the great difference between some recent developments of Nonconformity and the great Puritanism of the seventeenth century.

Modern Nonconformist newspapers distinguish themselves by suppressing precisely those nouns and adjectives which the founders of Nonconformity distinguished themselves by flinging at kings and queens.

Fortunately, however, because Crypto dealt with so much random material, Susan and some others had developed a complex process known as a nonconformity search.

Her hungry eyes, gazing at Bianca, had in them the aspirations of all Nonconformity.

As a result of the work of geometrician John Legon, who has undertaken a detailed analysis of the site-plans and grids provided by modern Egyptologists (such as Selim Hassan, Reisner, Holscher, Ricke and Lauer), we now know that this anomalous nonconformity nevertheless incorporates its own strict symmetry: ‘while the causeway of the Third Pyramid is aligned due east-west, the causeways of the Second and Great Pyramids both have a bearing of 14 degrees—the former to the south and the latter to the north of due east.

And seven had gibbered in the alien symbolism of the demons - condemned criminals, sentenced to the Brigades for the crimes of inferiority, nonconformity, or illogic.

Which was natural, of course, for in his nonconformity through lack of understanding, any alien must appear slightly soft-witted to another people.