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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nim \Nim\ (n[i^]m), v. t. [imp. Nam (n[aum]m) or Nimmed (n[i^]md); p. p. Nomen (n[=o]"men) or Nome (n[=o]m).] To take; to steal; to filch. [Obs.]

This canon it in his hand nam.


Nome \Nome\, Nomen \No"men\, obs. p. p. of Nim.


Nomen may refer to:

  • Nomen, the middle part of Ancient Roman names (see Roman naming conventions)
  • Nomen (Ancient Egypt), the personal name of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs
  • Jaume Nomen (born 1960), Catalan astronomer
  • Nō-men, the mask used in Noh performances (see Noh#Masks)
Nomen (Ancient Egypt)

The Nomen of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs was one of the " Great five names". It was introduced by king Radjedef, third pharaoh of the 4th Dynasty, as an emendation to the traditional nswt-bity crest. The nomen was later separated from the prenomen to become an independent royal name.

Usage examples of "nomen".

And Starbuck was sick of waiting, and sick of fighting, and really sick of insane conversations and getting cut to shreds by crazy nomen in closets.

Mechanics and pilots stared to see the three strange Nomen in their territory, and they also stared at Apollo.

Even GarTokk and the other Nomen were growling and snarling at their tormentors.

The Borellian Nomen, an aboriginal race that had been on Scorpius millennia before: the colonists arrived, were much hairier, almost lupine, and bulkier due to their dedication to working the land.

Even if the barge was severely overpopulated, they would never put more than two Nomen in a cell together, and even that was undesirable.

The Nomen had despised all other branches of the human race since, considering themselves far superior in every way.

Borellian Nomen in the universe, were still prisoners despite their superiority.

The perceptions of the Borellian Nomen were far more advanced than those of other humanoids.

But it might be a brief moment of liberty if he did not release his fellow Nomen and destroy the other wardens.

The Borellian Nomen were raging, driven into a frenzied state by the taste of freedom and vengeance.

The dark creature that called itself Count Iblis wanted chaos, and the Nomen would deliver it.

A space appeared between the doors and from there it was a simple matter for the Nomen, with their prodigious strength, to peel the doors away.

The hundreds of prisoners on the barge still railed against the Borellian Nomen, begging them to find the nearest habitable planet and plot a course there.

The Nomen had struck off on their own millennia ago, abandoning the safety of human civilization for the untamed cosmos.

Borellian Nomen sat at the stations of crew members they had recently slain.