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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Noisette \Noi*sette"\, n. (Bot.) A hybrid rose produced in 1817, by a French gardener, Noisette, of Charleston, South Carolina, from the China rose and the musk rose. It has given rise to many fine varieties, as the Lamarque, the Marechal (or Marshal) Niel, and the Cloth of gold. Most roses of this class have clustered flowers and are of vigorous growth.
--P. Henderson.


a. flavoured with hazelnuts n. a small round thick slice of meat (in particular, lamb or veal) that has been deboned


Noisette (which means hazelnut in French) can refer to:

  • A small round piece of lean meat, especially lamb
  • Beurre noisette, browned butter used in cooking
  • Sauce noisette, a type of Hollandaise sauce made with browned butter
  • A chocolate made with hazelnuts
  • Louis Claude Noisette, a French botanist
  • La Noisette, a former restaurant in London
  • Noisettes, a British musical group
  • Noisette, a 2000 album by Soft Machine
  • The Noisette Rose, a variety of garden rose
  • A short black coffee with a small amount of milk froth added
  • Les Noisettes, or The Nut Gatherers, a painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Usage examples of "noisette".

I ate ray in beurre noisette, saucisson à l'ail, tripes, rognons de veau (kidneys), boudin noir that squirted blood down my chin.

At the sound of their steps a young woman of twenty to five and twenty, dressed in a silk morning gown, and busily engaged in plucking the dead leaves off a noisette rose-tree, raised her head.