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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ You don't have to do it, no way, nohow.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"not at all," 1775, American English, from no + how, on model of nowhere.


adv. (context slang English) In no way; not at all; by no available means.


adv. in no manner; "We could nohow make out his handwriting" [syn: in no way]

Usage examples of "nohow".

But if I weks on same ol probem an don know nohow in de whol world how to solbe it I des gonna reech out in de dakniss an tek up dat pissel an bing one shot in mah haid an dat de end fo me an peceful swete peece at lon las.

They wasn't much answer for a minute, only them kind of lookin' to and fro amongst themselves to see who might speak, and then somebody shouts out that no, damn it all, they ain't a-going to surrender nohow.

Then one morning Jingo Harris showed up and stood around, first on one foot, then the other, talking to me while I worked on an old corn binder that was about worn out and which it didn't look nohow I'd need to use that year.

I told him I had an old slick counterfeit quarter that warn't no good because the brass showed through the silver a little, and it wouldn't pass nohow, even if the brass didn't show, because it was so slick it felt greasy, and so that would tell on it every time.

I couldn't tell what the polecat was, nohow, but he comes on board the _Polifem_ at Yerba Buena and says he's looking for Dr.