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n. (plural of nog English)

Usage examples of "nogs".

Then, touching the fingers of his right hand to Nogs shoulder, he said, Go.

And Nogs engineering skills only slightly overshadowed his remarkable ability to improvise.

Vaughn reached for the back of Nogs chair, but missed, and he went sprawling backward onto the deck.

Half a dozen other technicians from Nogs engineering team sat, stood, and lay all around the bridge, their hands buried inside the ships infrastructure.

Anger joined with Nogs fear as he imagined the terrible sadness his father would feel.

It cocked its head at an angle, obviously not understanding Nogs words.

She believed Odothey all didand she would ascribe Nogs warnings to fear, and to the terrible injury he had suffered in the Chintoka system.

For the first time, Kasidy detected a note in Nogs voice that something might be wrong.

In the vigor of Nogs certainty, she found comfort, and even a renewed hope.

Whether true or not, Nogs conviction filled her with a feeling of strength she had been lacking for some time.

Only Nogs ability to bring flight control back up quickly, and Prynns superior piloting skills, had saved the ship.

He remembered vividly how a JemHadar had maimed his nephew, destroying one of Nogs legs.

Scans had failed to discern anything about the building complex there due to the energy readings at its center, but the energy readings themselves had proven critical in Nogs analysis.

A moment later, Shar answered Nogs question and confirmed that suspicion.

This had been Nogs second visit todayearlier the lieutenant had also gotten the opportunity to speak with Ensign chThaneand he had not been the only crew member to stop by the medical bay.