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n. (plural of noggin English)

Usage examples of "noggins".

The man had caught each head in a beefy hand and brought the two noggins together with enough force to crack their skulls.

He felt the back of his boot strike the bottom step and as he lifted his foot upon it, Kenneth grabbed the tall candle stand that resided nearby and swung it around in a wide sweep, knocking noggins together and setting helmets awry with a vengeance, then he seized it by its base and thrust it forward like a ramming log against the stout form of Karr Hilliard.

A bottle was swiftly brought and opened, and two clay noggins set out.

Glasses and noggins suitable for the various drinks had been assembled as well.

Some of the restaurants and the brew-pub called Noggins would be open for another hour or two yet, and a number of cars were still in the transient parking levels.

Surprised by her assertiveness and sensitive about bashing animate noggins, the stick advised her to cool down, to wait to see what fortune would bring.