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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The stupid thing hit me right on the noggin.
▪ If there are any horizontal joints, noggins have to be fixed between the uprights to take the edges of these boards.
▪ They'd all gone to bed the night before when I'd returned from a last noggin with Harry.
▪ Tony tries and with his eyes watering declares it a good noggin.
▪ With a spicy noggin to follow - but just the one!
▪ Yes, curlier even than Derek Johnstone's big dandelion noggin.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Noggin \Nog"gin\, n. [Ir. noigin, or Gael. noigean. Cf. 1st Nog.]

  1. A small mug or cup.

  2. A measure equivalent to a gill. Hence: a small quantity of a beverage. [Prov. Eng.]

  3. The head (of a person). [slang]

    Syn: noodle, noddle.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, "small cup, mug," later "small drink" (1690s), of unknown origin, possibly related to Norfolk dialectal nog "strong ale." Informal meaning "head" first attested 1866 in American English.


n. 1 A small mug, cup or ladle. 2 (context dated English) A measure equivalent to a gill. Also possibly linked to the phrase “naggin of vodka” (a small bottle of vodka). 3 (context slang English) The head.


n. informal terms for a human head [syn: attic, bean, bonce, noodle, dome]

Noggin (protein)

Noggin, also known as NOG, is a protein that is involved in the development of many body tissues, including nerve tissue, muscles, and bones. In humans is encoded by the NOG gene. The amino acid sequence of human noggin is highly homologous to that of rat, mouse, and Xenopus (an aquatic-frog genus).

The protein's name, which is a slang English-language word for "head," was coined in reference to its ability to produce embryos with large heads when exposed at high concentrations.


Noggin may refer to:


  • Noggin or gill (volume), a unit of volume
  • Noggin (cup), a small cup
  • Noggin, slang for head
  • Noggin (protein), a signalling molecule involved in embryonic development
  • Noggin or dwang, a carpentry term


  • Noggin, a name formerly used for select Nick Jr. networks worldwide (1999 to 2009)
  • Noggin the Nog, a popular BBC children's character and TV series (1959 to 1965), and a series of children's books
  • Noggin (app), a mobile application featuring older Nickelodeon preschool programs
  • Noggin (magazine), an American magazine that published art, fiction, cartoons, plus social and political commentary
Noggin (Viva UK block)
For former name of the block on Nick Jr. UK, see Nick Jr. Classics.

Noggin UK (or Nick Jr on TMF) was a block of children's television programmes currently broadcast on MTV's free-to-air music channel, Viva (formerly TMF), from 6am to 8am daily. It was first launched in January 2006. On Monday 25 September 2006, Noggin changed its name to Nick Jr on TMF, which was identical to its old name with the exception of the new branding. The slot once again renamed back to the Noggin name in March 2009

Its set of programmes on Viva and TMF:

  • Dora the Explorer
  • '' Go, Diego, Go!
  • Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
  • Little Bear
  • LazyTown
  • Thomas & Friends
  • The Backyardigans
Noggin (magazine)

Noggin was an American magazine that published art, fiction, cartoons, and social and political commentary. It started in Iowa City, Iowa in 1990, and published semimonthly for three years.

Noggin (cup)

A noggin is a small drinking cup, generally carved from the burr (English) or burl (US) of a tree. The noggin was first mentioned in the mid 17th century, initially as the cup, and later coming to mean a quarter gill. Its use later spread to North America.

The cup's origins are not certain, but are probably from nog (a strong type of ale brewed in Norfolk, England). The noggin then became a noigin (Irish) or noigean (Gaelic).

Noggin (app)

Noggin is a video streaming service that offers access to selected episodes and/or full seasons of Nick Jr. programming. The app was released on March 4, 2015.

Usage examples of "noggin".

With the roistering in full swing, the patrons were ordering ale and cider in measures: pottles, noggins, tappit hens, mutchkins, and thirdendales.

I look at it, the noggin of anybody who will be found giving any time to pulling down goalposts is apt to be soft enough to break a very long fall.

In the front row I spy a snow-white noggin that belongs to either Cleo Rio or Johnny Winter in drag.

We went thirty miles towards Berkshire and came to a hostelry he liked where we stopped for the late afternoon noggins (Arthur Bellbrook was taking the dogs home with him for the night) and waited lazily until dinner.

His bosom buddy of course took a wide sloppy swing at Krome's noggin, but Tom had plenty of time to duck (Mary Andrea was way ahead of him) and unleash a solid uppercut to the scrotal region.

And with this, Miss Maribel Mario hauls off and whacks Harry over the noggin with the New York sign, busting the sign staff in two pieces, and knocking Harry out into the aisle, where the big guy with the Illinois badge walks across Harry's chest, with Colorado, Indiana, New Mexico, California and Georgia following him one after the other.

The man had caught each head in a beefy hand and brought the two noggins together with enough force to crack their skulls.

He felt the back of his boot strike the bottom step and as he lifted his foot upon it, Kenneth grabbed the tall candle stand that resided nearby and swung it around in a wide sweep, knocking noggins together and setting helmets awry with a vengeance, then he seized it by its base and thrust it forward like a ramming log against the stout form of Karr Hilliard.

A bottle was swiftly brought and opened, and two clay noggins set out.

Glasses and noggins suitable for the various drinks had been assembled as well.

Some of the restaurants and the brew-pub called Noggins would be open for another hour or two yet, and a number of cars were still in the transient parking levels.

Surprised by her assertiveness and sensitive about bashing animate noggins, the stick advised her to cool down, to wait to see what fortune would bring.

He was heeling and toeing it out of mere so fast he smacked his noggin on a doorframe.