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NODO or Nodo may refer to:

  • NASA Orbital Debris Observatory, an astronomical observatory located in the Lincoln National Forest
  • NHK Nodo Jiman, a long-running TV program broadcast on NHK TV and NHK radio in Japan
  • No-Do (Noticiarios y Documentales), a state-controlled series of cinema newsreels produced in Spain
  • NoDo (North Downtown), an area of downtown Omaha, Nebraska
  • Nodo jimankyō jidai , a 1949 black-and-white Japanese film directed by Torajiro Saito
Nodo (drum)

Nodo (hangul: 노도; hanja: 路鼗) is a set of two small drums on a pole, which is twisted to play; used in Korean ritual and court music. Not to be confused with the nogo, two drums, but much larger, pierced also by a pole and used in the same ceremonies

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