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Crossword clues for nocks


vb. (en-third-person singular of: nock)

Usage examples of "nocks".

For feathers he used soft, pubescent cottonweed leaves, running them through the nocks where he’d split the ends.

Strung, however, no one of them was more than a bare three feet in length, and the arrows, plucked out of lacquered leather cylinders and carefully examined, were short as well, two feet or less from nocks to points.

He went to work shaping his weapon, notching the bow nocks, skinning down the hunk of vine.

He sharpened the three piles and then began notching the string nocks at the other ends.

At once, one of his cousins raises his bow and nocks an arrow for the easy shot.

The ends just above the nocks where it was strung were decorated with hawk feathers and, from a rawhide strip, there dangled from the lower end what Wolf could only imagine was the yellowed talon from that same bird.