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vb. (en-past of: nock)

Usage examples of "nocked".

He let the carcass drop and nocked an arrow to his bowstring before he recognized them against the glare of sun on snow.

He held his bow with an arrow nocked, as if he needed the comfort of the weapon.

Rannach mounted his stallion and heeled his lance in the saddle sheath, drew his bow from the quiver and nocked a shaft.

Its head lurched back, jaws spread wide so that Rannach saw all the dreadful panoply of its fangs even as he drew a second arrow and nocked it to the string.

Warriors watched him with nocked bows so that he must lift up and shout his name before they slew him.

Chandalen walked silently at her side, his bow, with an arrow nocked and tension to the string, at the ready as she stepped over rubble and moved on through the yawning hole.

Before the arrow reached the target, while the air still sizzled with its sound, Richard had the second arrow nocked and on target.

Alton had time to react, Shawdell nocked another arrow, drew it back, and shot.

Skif strung his bow and nocked an arrow to the string, Wintermoon shadowing every movement.

After the last fruitless volley, Wintermoon nocked his arrow but did not bother to draw it.

Archers in the second row had their bows lowered but arrows nocked and the bows at half-pull, ready to lift and fire on command.

Elvish sounded like a command, and like a well-oiled military unit the remaining nine drew and nocked their bows in one motion.

Holding his bow and a nocked arrow in his right hand, and a bared dagger in his left, he dropped to one knee beside me.

Finndali had already begun to dress Aarundel down, but the undaunted Elf nocked another arrow with cool dispatch.

Tobeszijian and kneeling behind a fallen log, Count Mradvior nocked his bow and aimed it right at the king, who was in the line of fire between him and the beyar.