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was a Japanese painter and renga poet in the service of the Ashikaga shogunate. An astute art connoisseur, Nōami collected Chinese paintings and other works of art for the shogunate, and served as an advisor in the ways of Japanese tea ceremony, incense and a variety of other elements related to the arts. He taught the tea ceremony to Murata Jukō.

An accomplished artist in his own right, Nōami was a student of Shūbun, and painted primarily landscapes, in the suiboku (monochrome ink) style. Together with his son Geiami and grandson Sōami, the three are known as the San-ami or "Three Ami's" and are among the most celebrated landscape painters in the Japanese tradition.

Nōami is also known by his birth name of Nakao Shinnō, and by his other art-names Ōsai and Shun-Ōsai.