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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Noah \No"ah\, prop. n. [Heb. N[=o]akh rest.] A patriarch of Biblical history, in the time of the Deluge.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper name, from Hebrew Noah, literally "rest." Phrase Noah's ark attested from 1610s. The adjective Noachian, in reference to the flood legend, is from 1670s.


In the Abrahamic religions, Noah , or Noé or Noach (; Nukh; ; ), was the tenth and last of the pre-flood Patriarchs. The story of Noah's Ark is told in the Torah in the Genesis flood narrative. The biblical account is followed by the story of the Curse of Canaan.

Besides the Book of Genesis, Noah is also mentioned in 1st Chronicles, Tobit, Wisdom, Sirach, Isaiah, Ezekiel, 2 Esdras, 4 Maccabees, the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of Luke, the Epistle to the Hebrews, 1st Peter and 2nd Peter. He was the subject of much elaboration in the literature of later Abrahamic religions, including the Quran ( Sura 71).

Noah (gaur)

Noah was the name of species of ox called gaur, cloned and gestated in the womb of a cow named Bessie. Gaur is a vulnerable species according to the IUCN. The baby bull gaur was delivered on January 8, 2001, but died within just 48 hours of a common dysentery on January 10, 2001. Noah's condition was monitored by Dr. Jonathan Hill and his teammates in Iowa. The process used to clone Noah was nuclear transfer.

Noah (The Bob Seger System album)

Noah is the second studio album by American rock band The Bob Seger System, released in 1969 (see 1969 in music). Seger was displeased with this album as it was the label's intention to showcase Tom Neme as the voice of the band. Seger contemplated quitting music altogether after this album. It has never been reissued on a legitimate U.S. CD by Capitol and probably never will be, as Seger disavows it. It does, however, contain the classic Seger title song, Noah, which was issued as a single.

The album features the song "Death Row," which was a holdover from the Ramblin' Gamblin' Man sessions. It was originally issued as the b-side of the single 2 + 2 = ?. The song is significant for being considered one of many songs released in the late 1960s that set the foundation for heavier styles of rock, such as heavy metal.


Noah (band)

Noah (former name Peterpan and stylized as NOAH) is an Indonesian alternative pop/rock band. The band originally consisted of four members, known as Nazril Irham, Mohammad Kautsar Hikmat, Loekman Hakim, and David Kurnia Albert. The two member, Andika Naliputra Wirahardja and Hendra Suhendra, split from the band in 2006. David Kurnia Albert joined the band in 2008 bringing new color to their music. They are well known in Indonesia for their simple (sometimes poetic) lyrics, catchy beats, and Ariel's voice. Ilsyah Ryan Reza split from the band in 2014.

As of 2015, Noah has sold more than 9 million albums in Indonesia only and is recognized as the best selling alternative pop/rock band. Two of their albums are included on the list of Indonesian all time best selling albums at #3 for Bintang di Surga and #6 for Seperti Seharusnya.

Noah (1998 film)

Disney's Noah is a 1998 television film directed by Ken Kwapis. The movie premiered on October 11, 1998 and stars Tony Danza as a modern-day carpenter tasked with building an ark.

Noah (disambiguation)

Noah is a prophet in the Abrahamic religions who built an ark to save each kind of animal from the Deluge.

Noah may also refer to:

Noah (name)

Noah is a given name and surname most likely derived from the Biblical figure Noah in Hebrew. It is most likely of Babylonian and Assyrian origin from the word "nukhu" meaning repose or rest, which is possible in view of the Sumerian/Babylonian source of the flood story. Another explanation says that it is derived from the Hebrew root meaning "to comfort" (nahum) with the final consonant dropped.

Noah (American painter)

Noah Elias is an American artist, known simply as Noah, working within the fine art market and custom art scene. He is best known for painting the Suki art car in 2 Fast 2 Furious, but is also a widely collected painter of Disney Fine Art. Due to his success as an artist, he founded Noah University to teach other creatives and artists how to make a career from their work.

Noah (TV series)

Noah is a teleserye Philippine action- fantasy series produced by ABS-CBN. from July 12, 2010 to February 4, 2011, replacing Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo

Noah (Noah Stewart album)

Noah is the debut studio album from American Tenor Noah Stewart. It was released in the United Kingdom on March 26, 2012.

Noah (USA)
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Noah (Noah album)

Noah is the debut studio album of the Danish duo Noah. It was released on 20 May 2013 on Copenhagen Records debuting at number 2 in its first week of release. The duo had already pre-released two successful singles from the album in 2012, namely "Alt er forbi" and "Over byen". Just prior to the release of the album, Noah released yet a third single "Det' okay" from the album.

Noah (grape)

The Noah grape is a cultivar derived from the grape species Vitis labrusca or 'fox grape' which is used for table, juice and wine production. Noah has berries of a light green/yellow and has medium-sized, cylindrical-conical, well formed fruit clusters with thick bloom similar to those of Elvira.

Although popularly classified as Vitis labrusca, Noah is the result of a 50/50 cross between Taylor ( Vitis riparia) and an unknown Vitis labrusca with other reports claiming the labrusca to be Hartford. The vines are moderately vigorous and moderately cold hardy. It buds late with secondary buds being fruitful and ripens approximately at the same time as Concord. Noah is very disease resistant and shows resistance to mildew, black rot and phylloxera - it is used as a rootstock.

Noah (2014 film)

Noah is a 2014 American epic biblical drama film co-written and directed by Darren Aronofsky, written by Ari Handel, and inspired by the story of Noah's Ark from the Book of Genesis. The film stars Russell Crowe as Noah, along with Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Ray Winstone, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth and Anthony Hopkins. The film was released in North American theaters on March 28, 2014, in 2D and IMAX, while several countries released a version of the film converted to 3D and IMAX 3D.

Noah received generally positive reviews from critics and grossed over $362 million worldwide, but generated controversy with audiences.

Noah (2013 film)

Noah is a Canadian short drama film, released in 2013. Written and directed by Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg as a class project when they were film students at Ryerson University, the film tells the story of Noah's (Sam Kantor) breakup with his girlfriend Amy (Caitlin McConkie-Pirie) entirely through Noah's use of computer applications such as Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Chatroulette and iTunes.

The film premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, where it won the award for Best Canadian Short Film. It subsequently won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Live Action Short Drama at the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards.

The film was also one of the inspirations for the Modern Family episode " Connection Lost".

Usage examples of "noah".

Of clean beasts, and of beasts that are not clean, and of fowls, and of everything that creepeth upon the earth, there went in two and two unto Noah into the ark, the male and the female, as God had commanded Noah.

According to Genesis, the descendants of the Japheth who escaped out of the Flood with Noah are the Ionians, the inhabitants of the Morea, the dwellers on the Cilician coast of Asia Minor, the Cyprians, the Dodoneans of Macedonia, the Iberians, and the Thracians.

But as Noah stood on the spot where the threshold between Cosm and Metacosm had been laid, he saw something flickering close to the ground.

In particular, he wanted religious freedom for Jews, as he had written earlier to a noted New York editor, Mordecai Noah, who had sent him a discourse delivered at the consecration of a synagogue in New York.

He believed the deluge to have been universal, and he thought that, before that great cataclysm, men lived a thousand years and conversed with God, that Noah took one hundred years to build the ark, and that the earth, suspended in the air, is firmly held in the very centre of the universe which God had created from nothing.

Each time you step into a Tub, there comes upon them another universal Flood, with its Animalcular Noah, and another Re-inhabiting, another Chain of Generations, to them how timeless, till the next Wash.

This is what Noah says when he wakes out of drunkenness and realizes that his youngest son, Ham, father of Canaan, has seen him naked.

He had not felt equal yet to telling Celia about Noah and though, as she always did, Celia sensed something wrong, she had not pressed him for the reason.

The shadows of Noah Almondine's paper dolls seemed to Rivas to be waving at him.

And from this we may understand that the antediluvians who are mentioned were not the first-born, but those through whom the order of the succeeding generations might be carried on to the patriarch Noah.

  The last century abounded with antiquarians of profound learning and easy faith, who, by the dim light of legends and traditions, of conjectures and etymologies, conducted the great grandchildren of Noah from the Tower of Babel to the extremities of the globe.

Noah Claypole: receiving a free pardon from the Crown in consequence of being admitted approver again Fagin: and considering his profession not altogether as safe a one as he could wish: was, for some little time, at a loss for the means of a livelihood, not burdened with too much work.

Noah Claypole: receiving a free pardon from the Crown in consequence of being admitted approver against Fagin: and considering his profession not altogether as safe a one as he could wish: was, for some little time, at a loss for the means of a livelihood, not burdened with too much work.

It was an especially masculine good looks that Noah and Simon got from my Uncle Alfred-broad shoulders, big bones, a heavy jaw-and from my Aunt Martha the boys got their blondness, and their aristocracy.

Love also fails when it is motivated by greed or self-advantage: The Bumbles' marriage and the relationship between Noah and Charlotte mock true love.