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NMP (political party)

NMP was a political organisation in New Zealand. Several different meanings of the initials "NMP" have been given at different times - the more common definitions are "No More Parties", "No More Politics", and "New Millennium Partnership". The party went through several stages — in the 1999 election, its platform drew on theories of the New Age movement, but by the 2002 election, it appears to have been captured by a group aiming for the radical reform of the New Zealand political system. As a result of its multiple incarnations, its policy focus was not well communicated. In the 2002 election, it received only 274 votes (0.01%) across New Zealand. It never won any seats, and on 14 March 2003, the party was officially removed from the register of parties at its own request.


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NMP (art collective)

NMP (НМП in Macedonian; it is a proper name, not an abbreviation) is a multimedia art collective from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The collective was first conceived as a movement rooted in applied philosophy in February 2002, but it did not have a specific form until 8 April 2005 when Version 1.0 of its official website ( was launched. NMP focuses primarily on digital art (such as photomanipulation and vector) and street art (stencils, stickers, graffiti), but it also supports photography and non-visual arts, such as poetry and music. Due to the specific nature of the medium, and the growing number of writers, a separate section of the site dubbed NMP Reader (NMP Chitanka) was opened at the end of 2006, featuring some “celebrities” from the Macedonian blogger scene. There is no set membership in the collective; all artists and project developers participate on a revolving-door basis. Works of the collective are made public online, as well as through collective and individual exhibitions. As of June 2007, about 30 artists are associated with the NMP collective.