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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
multimedia messaging
▪ The fit makes even more sense alongside the innumerable software and multimedia computer companies in Carlsbad.
▪ The continuing development of multimedia computers suggests that video lessons and video teleconferencing of chess games may not be far off.
▪ The success of e-commerce applications also depends on the variety and innovativeness of multimedia content and packaging.
▪ The information and multimedia content determines what type of vehicle is needed.
▪ Cross-media convergence refers to the integration of various industries-entertainment, publication, and communication media-based on multimedia content.
▪ Access to multimedia content depends on the hardware capabilities of the customer.
▪ The virtual tour includes multimedia displays demonstrating how the market works.
▪ Sitting at a multimedia keyboard is more than just a typing experience.
▪ That's how this season began for Iverson defending the lyrics from his multimedia debut.
▪ The multimedia disc takes the art of computer golf to a new level, giving players unprecedented options and flexibility.
▪ The committee also is establishing an Inaugural Channel with up-to-the-minute news and multimedia clips on the inauguration.
▪ They were friends of his, real estate developers with no expertise whatsoever in media, much less multimedia.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also multi-media, 1962, from multi- + media.


a. 1 of, or relating to this combined use of media 2 (context computing English) of, or relating to an application that can combine such media into an integrated package n. (context plurale tantum English) The combined use of sound, video, and text to present an idea.


n. transmission that combine media of communication (text and graphics and sound etc.) [syn: multimedia system]

Multimedia (media company)

Multimedia, Inc. was a media company that owned 10 daily newspapers, three weekly newspapers, two radio stations, five television stations, and a cable television system division. The company was headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina.

It also owned TV syndicator Multimedia Entertainment (formerly Avco Embassy Television, which is now owned by NBCUniversal Television Distribution).

Multimedia was founded in 1968, when the News-Piedmont Company of Greenville merged with Southern Broadcasting Corporation. The new company called the Southeastern Broadcasting Corporation comprised four newspapers (two morning, two afternoon), three television stations and six radio stations. The company's biggest purchase came in 1976, when it bought WLWT in Cincinnati—and with it, the distribution rights to The Phil Donahue Show.

The company was involved in one of the more unusual media transactions in history. In 1983, it sold its flagship television station, WFBC-TV in Greenville (now WYFF) and WXII-TV in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Pulitzer, Inc. In return, Multimedia received Pulitzer's former flagship television station, KSDK in St. Louis. Multimedia used its new purchase as the testing ground for a new show hosted by Sally Jessy Raphael.

Multimedia was acquired by the Gannett Company in 1995, after the sale was finalized, Gannett sold Multimedia Entertainment to MCA the following year. In January 2000 the cable television division, which included systems in Kansas, Oklahoma and North Carolina was sold to Cox Communications. The North Carolina systems were resold to Suddenlink Communications in 2006.

The Multimedia name lives on as a holding company and licensee within what is now Tegna, Inc.'s corporate structure. Productions under Multimedia Entertainment are now part of the NBCUniversal Television Distribution archives.

Usage examples of "multimedia".

Muslim extremist Qutb - but Moore, of course, has a multimedia pulpit and an enormous audience.

UPON a time, dear reader, multimedia meant a book with pictures and a long-playing vinyl record to pop on your turntable and listen to as you turn the pages in a synaesthetic trance.

Interactive multimedia, cable-phone alliances, the Information Superhighway, fiber- to-the-curb, laptops and palmtops, the explosive growth of cellular and the Internet -- the earth trembles visibly.

Hackers even made sites available from which it is possible to download whole software and multimedia products.

Here, encapsulated multimedia performances, new product videos, employee interviews, research and development sneak previews, and live TV spots or teleconferences were viewed with the touch of a finger.

He says he survived several years of working on multimedia and Internet startups in the US before heading overseas, where he is now employed as a programmer in the banking industry.

She tugged out a sheaf of papers bound in booklet form and a multimedia compact disk in a slip-sleeve.

Interactive e-books, multimedia, discussion lists, and collective authorship efforts restore this great tradition.

He had come to Francie's Communion, had bought her that six-foot, cuddly bear she still loved, had presented her last year with that massive multimedia system-stereo speakers and all-for her top-of-the-line MAC And now this: betrayal.

Hitherto the computer was only quantitatively different - the multimedia and the Internet have made it qualitatively superior, actually, sui generis, unique.