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Niya may refer to

  • Niya (Tarim Basin), an archaeological site on the southern edge of the Tarim Basin, in modern-day Xinjiang, China
  • Minfeng Town, historically called Niya, county seat of Minfeng County in the Tarim Basin, China
  • Niya (kingdom), a kingdom in Mesopotamia, or modern-day Syria, in the late Bronze Age kingdom of Hanigalbat
Niya (kingdom)

Niya, Niye, and also Niy of Thutmose I's Ancient Egypt, also Nii of the Amarna letters, and Nihe, etc. was a kingdom in Syria, or northern Syria.

In the Amarna letters correspondence of 1350- 1335 BC, Nii is only referenced in two letters, but each is of some importance. The city of Tunip in the northern Levant had been trying to communicate to the Egyptian pharaoh for two decades, and finally resorted to another letter, EA 59: entitled: "From the citizens of Tunip", ( EA for 'el Amarna'). The city-state of Arqa also sent a letter to pharaoh, requesting aid (EA 100).

The other letter referencing Nii concerns the individual Etakkama, his collusion with the Hittites, and the takeover of territory, 'city-states', and peoples in the northern and western Levant.

Niya (Tarim Basin)

The ruins of Niya , is an archaeological site located about north of modern Minfeng Town (also called Niya) on the southern edge of the Tarim Basin in modern-day Xinjiang, China. The ancient site was known in its native language as Caḍ́ota, and in Chinese during the Han Dynasty as Jingjue . Numerous ancient archaeological artifacts have been uncovered at the site.

Niya was once a major commercial center on an oasis on the southern branch of the Silk Road in the southern Taklamakan Desert. During ancient times camel caravans would cut through, carrying goods from China to Central Asia.