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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As cities and their monetary systems organized further into city-states and then into nations, an economic system called mercantilism developed.
▪ However, Eataine is simply the hinterland of the vast city-state of Lothern.
▪ In the Politics the existence of the city-state is taken for granted.
▪ The Empire, a loose alliance of city-states and provinces owing allegiance to its Emperor, and the kingdom of Bretonnia.
▪ The exhibition organisers have preferred to explore the social, political and religious mechanisms of the Etruscan confederation of city-states.
▪ The old realm of Caledor was eclipsed by other realms including the fast-rising mercantile city-state of Lothern.
▪ The sense of insecurity which affected the city-states of Mesopotamia led to a rudimentary interest in the history of social order.
▪ They also took turns administering the city-state, drawing lots to settle who would take on which job.

n. (alternative spelling of city state English)


A city-state is a sovereign state that consists of a city and its dependent territories. Historically, this included famous cities like Rome, Athens, Carthage, and the Italian city-states during the Renaissance—but today only a handful of sovereign city-states exist, with some disagreement as to which are city-states. However, a great deal of consensus exists that the term properly applies to Singapore, Monaco, and Vatican City. In particular, Singapore has been referred to by The Economist as the "world's only fully-functioning city-state".

A number of other states share similar characteristics, and therefore are sometimes also cited as modern city-states. These include Malta, Bahrain, and San Marino which are microstates with high population densities; as well as Qatar, Brunei, and Kuwait, each with an urban center comprising a significant proportion of the population. Notably however, all of them have several distinct settlements and a designated or de facto capital city.

Additionally, several non-sovereign cities enjoy a high degree of autonomy, and are sometimes considered city-states. Hong Kong and Macau, along with independent members of the United Arab Emirates, most notably Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are often cited as such.

Usage examples of "city-state".

People had told him that Southmarch was as nothing compared to Tessis in Syan or the sprawling, ancient city-state of Hierosol with its two-score gates, but here were riches to spare for a young man from dark, lonely Dalers Troth, where earth and sky were both oppressively wet most of the time and in winter the sun seemed scarcely to top the hills.

They go hungry and thirsty, while the City-States along the Dryland border hog all the water sources and grow fat.

Italy seemed to be Florence, thanks to the genius of Gonfaloniere Soderini, who had kept his city-state out of the quarrels, alliances, wars, resolutely holding to the middle ground, offering refuge to both the papal and French soldiers, refusing to house the Pisa Council of protest over Julius, but not attempting to keep it out of Pisa by force.

For it was then that the hieratically ordered city-state came into being, which stands at the source, and for millenniums stood as the model, of all higher, literate civilization whatsoever.

They had spent several days in Tishbaal hub, like the other hubs a relatively compact city-state, but, unlike the others, one that had been under siege for some time.

The treatise was many centuries old, but filled with wisdom that could be transferred from warring Italian city-states to the landholdings of Atlas.

The new city-states of Saturn began to resemble those of ancient Greece, with one group of cities taking on the role of militaristic Sparta .

But I have no desire to get embroiled in the endless squabbling of Italian city-states, much less a feud with the Petrine branch of the church.

The archons of the various city-states had no desire to see a war fleet of blood-thirsty barbarians sailing their way on the excuse of rescuing some unjustly treated kinsman.

He felt that it had been made only to bring out more plainly the philosophy governing the actions of all the denizens of this grand yet hideously savage city-state.

And let word be sent among all the city-states that the Citadel has fallen, that the Lords Protector are human and vulnerable men, that we fight for our own freedom, and if they want to get the bloody Farers off their backs, they had better damned well join us!

Usually Six Duchies contacts with Bingtown were contacts between individual merchants and traders, not their ruling council treating with the Farseers, I tried to recall if the city-state had ever sent us ambassadors when Shrewd was king, then gave it up.

Skeg and the city-states, surely there's a breeze that whispers from your own doorstep.

Then it was a few hundred easy miles to the portal that would take us to the Association of Rivan City-States, one of the lesser timelines of the Confederation.

Indy knew from his studies that the powerful priests who interpreted the babblings of Pythia were at the center of the Amphyctionic League, a coalition of Greek city-states, and were therefore well informed about important activities through the region.