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NH or Nh may refer to

  • All Nippon Airways, Japan's largest airline, formerly Nippon Helicopter
  • National Highway, a road designation in many countries
  • National Hose Thread, a threaded connection standard used on hose couplings
  • NetHack, a computer game
  • New Hampshire, one of the states of the United States
  • University of New Hampshire, which is commonly referred to as UNH
  • New Haven, Connecticut, a city in the United States
  • New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
  • NH Hoteles, a Spanish-based hotel chain
  • Nishan-e-Haider, a Pakistani military award
  • No-hitter, a baseball term
  • Nordsj√¶lland H√•ndbold, a Danish handball team
  • North Holland, a province in the Netherlands
Nh (digraph)

Nh is a digraph of the Latin alphabet, a combination of N and H. Together with lh and the interpunct, it is a typical feature of Occitan, a language illustrated by medieval troubadours.

NH (media company)

NH, formerly known as RTV NH (Radio & Televisie Noord-Holland), is a public broadcasting station which focuses mainly on news from the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. NH is legally the rightful claimant for broadcasting disasters in this region. Its headquarters is located in Amsterdam.