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n. 1 (context anatomy English) The anatomy of the nervous system. (from 20th c.) 2 (context anatomy English) The structure of the nerves of a specific organ or organism.


n. the anatomy of the nervous system


Neuroanatomy is the study of the anatomy and stereotyped organization of nervous systems. In contrast to animals with radial symmetry, whose nervous system consists of a distributed network of cells, animals with bilateral symmetry have segregated, defined nervous systems, and thus we can make much more precise statements about their neuroanatomy. In vertebrates, the nervous system is segregated into the internal structure of the brain and spinal cord (together called the central nervous system, or CNS) and the routes of the nerves that connect to the rest of the body (known as the peripheral nervous system, or PNS). The delineation of distinct structures and regions of the nervous system has been critical in investigating how it works. For example, much of what neuroscientists have learned comes from observing how damage or "lesions" to specific brain areas affects behavior or other neural functions.

For information about the composition of animal nervous systems, see nervous system. For information about the typical structure of the human nervous system, see human brain or peripheral nervous system. This article discusses information pertinent to the study of neuroanatomy.

Usage examples of "neuroanatomy".

Recent research in neuroanatomy has characterised the nature of the stellate ganglial networks responsible for gorgonism in patients with advanced astrocytoma affecting the cingulate gyrus.

She set up her reductionist stall, arguing for the ultimate collapse of psychology into neuroanatomy, perhaps expecting an easy ride from a group of neurobiologists, and found to her surprise that it was strongly opposed by most present - especially the neuroanatomists!