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Nepos is a Latin word originally meaning “grandson” or “descendant", that evolved with time to signify " nephew". The word gives rise to the term nepotism.
It may also may refer to:

  • Cornelius Nepos, the Roman biographer
  • Julius Nepos, sometimes considered the last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire
  • Gaius Flaminius Nepos, politician and consul of the Roman Republic
  • Aulus Platorius Nepos, the governor of Britannia under Hadrian
  • Nepos (Roman governor), during the reign of the emperor Trajan
  • The apocryphal Book of Nepos, written by an Egyptian bishop of the same name
  • Nepos, a village in Feldru Commune, Bistriţa-Năsăud County, Romania
  • Saint Nepos, a martyr and companion of the African Saint Quirinus
Nepos (Roman governor)

Licinius Nepos is a known figure during the reign of the emperor Trajan. Pliny the Younger, a Roman writer, mentions Licinius Nepos in his letters. Pliny describes him as a praetor, who is so brave and strong that he is unafraid to punish even senators. Ronald Syme has proposed identifying him with the suffect consul of 127, M. Licinius Celer Nepos.

Usage examples of "nepos".

Within a market interval of eight days, Clodius the admiral set sail at the head of a flotilla rather than a fleet, some ten well-manned and properly decked biremes which neither Rex nor Clodius thought Metellus Nepos would miss when he turned up in Tarsus.

Under ordinary circumstances the pirates would have killed Clodius, but Pompey and Metellus Nepos were too near to risk a death sentence: word had got out that capture did not mean an automatic crucifixion, that Pompey preferred to be clement.

Pompey and Metellus Nepos had utterly eclipsed him, had commandeered his fleets and left him to twiddle his thumbs in Tarsus.

Among these was the younger brother of Celer, Metellus Nepos, soon to assume office as tribune of the plebs.

Cato, who would also be a tribune of the plebs, commended Cicerowhich only made Nepos scream louder, because he loathed Cato.

Soon all the doubters from Metellus Nepos to Caesar will have to admit that you are right.

Therefore his prisoners would continue to live under custody in Rome until well into the New Year, which also meant new tribunes of the plebs like Metellus Nepos yammering that Cicero had exceeded his authority, and other tribunes of the plebs like Cato hovering to pounce on any legal slip.

It never occurred to Metellus Nepos that the only reason Cato stood in the House today a tribune of the plebs-elect was due entirely to him, Metellus Nepos.

Devoted to each other, Celer and Nepos were liked and esteemed, for they were charming and convivial men.

When Nepos thought the audience had had enough of citizen execution, he changed his tack.

President of the College and therefore convener of the meeting, Metellus Nepos decided enough had been done.

Instead, there was Decimus Brutus in the Forum egging Metellus Nepos on, cheering Caesar when he appeared, and making himself absolutely charming to all sorts of people from freedmen to the Fourth Class.

Before Metellus Nepos knew what had happened, the two newcomers had each lifted him beneath an elbow and whisked him to the middle of the bench.

When Bestia tried to flank Nepos on his other side, Lucius Marius shoved his way between them.

Caesar spoke briefly to the effect that the tribune of the plebs Quintus Caecilius Metellus Nepos wished to present a bill for discussion by the People.