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Neos (airline)

Neos S.p.A. is an Italian leisure airline with its headquarters in Somma Lombardo and main base at Milan-Malpensa Airport.


Neos or NEOS may refer to:

  • Neos (airline), an Italian airline
  • Neos (pistol), a type of Beretta pistol
  • Neos (record label), a German record label
  • Neos Finance, an Italian bank
  • NEOS GeoSolutions, a natural resource exploration company
  • NEOS Server, mathematical optimization software system
  • NEOs Near-Earth objects
  • NEOS – The New Austria, a political party in Austria
  • NEOS Library Consortium, a Canadian network of Libraries
  • TYPO3 Neos, an opensource content management system
  • Yamaha Neos, a moped
Neos (record label)

Neos is a German jazz and classical contemporary music record label established by Wulf Weinmann, formerly owner and label manager of Col Legno. Neos is notable for the premiere recordings of several modern composers, starting with a series with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, of five albums of mainly previously unreleased works by the Russian-Polish composer Mieczysław Weinberg, recorded at the Bregenzer Festspiele 2010.