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Nelo (disambiguation)

Nelo may also refer to:

  • Nelo (genus), a genus of moth in the family Geometridae
  • Nelo (band), an alternative rock band
  • Nelo (canoes), a canoe and kayak manufacturer
Nelo (band)

Nelo (band) is an alternative rock band formed in Austin, TX in late 2005. The band is composed of primary songwriter/ guitarist Matt Ragland, singer Reid Umstattd, keyboardist/ saxophonist Brian Donohoe, guitarist Matt Muehling, and drummer David Sierra.

Nelo (Portuguese footballer)

Manuel António Couto Guimarães (born 25 August 1967), commonly known as Nelo, is a Portuguese retired footballer. On the left side of the field, he could appear as either a defender or a midfielder.

Nelo (genus)

Nelo is a genus of moths in the family Geometridae. Nelo discalis is the type species.

Although originally placed in the family Lithosiidae ( Arctiidae), this genus was transferred to the Geometridae. Some authors included Nelo Walker, 1854, as well as some other genera ( Sangala Walker, 1854; Melanoptilon Herrich-Schäffer, 1855; and Nelopsis Warren, 1895) as junior synonyms of Drymoea Walker, 1854.


Nelo (MAR Kayaks Ltda) is a Portuguese company that designs and manufactures kayaks and canoes for racing, touring, fitness, sea racing, paracanoe, surfski, and slalom. It is currently the most successful brand in the sport, attested by the number of medals won by its boats in the London 2012 Olympics.

Nelo was founded in 1978 by Manuel Alberto Ramos (known as Nelo by his friends and family), a former paddler himself and the first Portuguese Canoeing National Champion.

Currently the company has broaden its scope and provides also services and products related to canoeing like organizing race events, training centers, athlete performance analysis, training wear, among others.