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The Collaborative International Dictionary

neighbor \neigh"bor\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Neighbored; p. pr. & vb. n Neighboring.]

  1. To adjoin; to border on; to be near to.

    Leisurely ascending hills that neighbor the shore.

  2. To associate intimately with. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English neahgebur (West Saxon), nehebur (Anglian) "neighbor," from neah "near" (see nigh) + gebur "dweller," related to bur "dwelling" (see bower). Common Germanic compound (cognates: Old Saxon nabur, Middle Dutch naghebuur, Dutch (na)bur, Old High German nahgibur, Middle High German nachgebur, German Nachbar). Good neighbor policy attested by 1937, but good neighbor with reference to U.S. policy toward Latin America was used by 1928 by Herbert Hoover.


1580s, from neighbor (n.). Related: Neighbored; neighboring.


n. (standard spelling of neighbour from=American spelling English) vb. (standard spelling of neighbour from=American spelling English)


adj. situated near one another; "neighbor states" [syn: neighbour, neighboring(a), neighbouring(a)]

  1. n. a person who lives (or is located) near another [syn: neighbour]

  2. a nearby object of the same kind; "Fort Worth is a neighbor of Dallas"; "what is the closest neighbor to the Earth?" [syn: neighbour]

  3. v. live or be located as a neighbor; "the neighboring house" [syn: neighbour]

  4. be located near or adjacent to; "Pakistan neighbors India" [syn: neighbour]


Neighbour, Neighbor, Neighbours, or Neighbors, may refer to:

Neighbor (2009 film)

Neighbor is a 2009 American horror film written and directed by Robert A. Masciantonio.

Usage examples of "neighbor".

People, though the Commacht lodges and, to a lesser extent, those of all their neighbors, were abustle as the time approached.

But in late June, just as the project was nearly finished, a Quincy neighbor on his way through Philadelphia stopped to pay his respects and revealed the whole secret to Adams, who, Abigail was happy to report, responded with a hearty laugh.

Joseph Bass, the young neighbor who had ridden with Adams to Philadelphia the winter of 1776, was a shoemaker and a familiar figure still in Quincy, as well liked and respected as ever.

Beside his classes at the gymnasium, Agassiz collected about him, by invitation, a small audience of friends and neighbors, to whom he lectured during the winter on botany, on zoology, on the philosophy of nature.

Of course, there are spells on your house, various types of complicated protection spells that only Albus knows about or understands, but we needed to safeguard against someone going after one of your neighbors in order to be close to you.

How were we to know that in actuality the Amish are small in number in Betastan, invariably well-thought-of by their neighbors, not interested in accumulating large amounts of property and having no interest whatsoever in government?

As Lady Appleton began to speak, introducing herself to her new neighbors and explaining that she wished to hire servants and purchase foodstuffs, Jennet sensed invisible barriers going up, dense as any stone wall and just as impervious to sweet reason.

Across the areaway, a light came on, causing Monk to dodge wildly for cover, but it was only a curious neighbor turning on his light and raising his window shade.

Although the Iroquois were thus at peace with their English neighbors, there was a bitter enmity between them and the French settlers of Canada, who had espoused the cause of their hereditary foes, the tribes dwelling along the St.

Though somewhat dismayed to find his property located a score of leagues beyond that of his nearest white neighbor, the major was at the same time gratified to discover in that neighbor his old friend and comrade, William Johnson, through whose diplomacy the powerful Iroquois tribes of the Six Nations were allied to the English and kept at peace.

Nicene, and the Athanasian creed, without splitting metaphysical hairs with your neighbor?

It helped the Axumite kingdom and its Amharic successor to acquire the consciousness of an identity and a distinction from their neighbors which gave great staying power.

After all, she and her station cohorts beamed down at Baltimoreans from billboards throughout the city, asserting themselves as friends and family, trusted advisers and neighbors.

This one was better kept than its neighbors, however, with window boxes, empty in winter, and the sparkling-white marble steps that Baltimoreans so fetishize.

Buddhist country of Bhutan was briefly conquered by its neighbor, Bangladesh, for the purpose of becoming a leadership haven.