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abbr. 1 negative 2 (context LGBT public health English) HIV negative n. (context seduction community English) An expression or implication that one has a negative value judgement of someone in order to make them desire one's approval, especially when trying to pick up a date. vb. (context transitive seduction community English) To express or imply a negative value judgement of someone to make them desire one's approval, especially when trying to pick up a date.


NEG is an abbreviation that may refer to:

  • the IATA code for Negril Aerodrome in Jamaica
  • A section of an allium
  • Net energy gain
  • New Economic Geography, a sub-field of Economic geography
  • Non-Evaporable Getter, a material used in high vacuum technology
  • Negative (disambiguation), in various contexts, and a common military command
  • Negotiator, e.g. Estate agent
  • National Express Group, a UK-based transport group
  • NEG Micon, now part of Vestas
  • Noah Eli Gordon, an American poet

It may also refer to someone with the name Neg:

  • Neg Dupree, of Neg's Urban Sports

Usage examples of "neg".

I got shoved into the pista as a cheap clown, and with a Neger besides, I did not like it, and I know I showed it.

After the death of Neg the Malefic, the necromancer whom Conan had slain, the young Cimmerian and Elashi had agreed to travel together until their paths parted.

Behind the chingaroon ambulated a group of negs and poses, though which was who and who was witch was hard to say at first glance.

The negs had been the middle ten in a roll of thirty-six and the rest were blank: automatic exposure with a dummy run and timed cut-off, the prints tallying.

After that, she did not care who had it as long as it was not Neg. To be called from the Gray Lands a second time would be more than she could bear.

His temptation was to rein in his stolen mount, find some small creature for bloodletting, and try to contact Neg. Years of self-preservation and caution held that thought in check, however.

He drained half the glass and smiled at Neg. His earlier fears, it seemed, had been entirely unjustified.

They attacked Neg. He slapped at them, smashing and flinging them from him, but those who were not killed darted back at him, clambering up his legs and biting wherever they could reach.

Skeer was dead, but his essence was finally seen to have been transferred to Neg. And Neg was alive.

Differential cell count neg. Primary anemia combined with mental shock likely.