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n. (context internet video game and card game slang English) necromancer. vb. 1 (context Internet English) To make a new post to a forum discussion that has been dormant for a long time, making the thread visible in the list of active topics; to bump. 2 (context internet video game and card game slang English) To practice necromancy; to bring back from the dead.

Necro (rapper)

Ron Braunstein (born June 7, 1976), better known by his stage-name Necro, is an American rapper from Brooklyn. He is the owner of Psycho+Logical-Records founded November, 1999. He is the younger brother of fellow rapper Ill Bill.

Necro (EP)

Necro (sometimes referred to as the Necro EP or the Cockroaches EP) is the debut EP by American hip hop musician Necro, released in 1998 by Uncle Howie Records. The EP contains five studio tracks and two instrumental tracks. All five core tracks were featured two years later on Necro's first studio album, I Need Drugs, in 2000.


Necro may refer to:

  • necro-, the Greek prefix meaning death
  • Necro (rapper) (born 1976), an American rapper
    • Necro (EP)
  • Necrophilia, the sexual attraction to corpses
  • Necromancy, a type of magic
  • Necro (Street Fighter), a character in the Street Fighter series

Usage examples of "necro".

Or it could be that these people have necro blood, but their families have strayed from the supernatural community.

Instead he took up residence in the Necro Archives, the human tissues room.

He raced up to the Necro Archives and rummaged through the drawers, and raced down again.

We will travel to the old realm of Kairn Necros, seek out our brethren there, and ask them for help.

Kairn Necros is the one place left on this world where we might reasonably expect to find life.

It will lead us deeper into the heart of Abarrach, lead us down to the lands below, to the realm that is lettered on the map as Kairn Necros, to the city of Necropolis.

That is why the people of Kairn Necros stole light and warmth from us.

I believe the people in Kairn Necros to be innocent of the harm they did us.

He made no accusations against the people of Kairn Necros but took care to attribute the wrongs his own people had suffered to mischance or ignorance of the true situation.

Dynast of Abarrach, ruler of Kairn Necros, regent of Old and New Provinces, king of Rift Ridge, king of Salfag, king of Thebis, and liege lord of Kairn Telest.