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NDC or ndc may refer to:

  • IATA code for Nanded Airport, India
  • ndc, "name daemon control program" in some Unix-based BIND name-server environments
  • N.D.C., a 2002 single by Australian band Jebediah
  • National Data Corporation a former U.S. based financial company (credit cards, financial software and services)
  • National Defence College, graduates use the post-nominals ndc.
  • National Defence Commission of North Korea
  • National Development Council, an apex level financial, policy and resource planning advisory body in India
  • National Development Council, a government body in Taiwan
  • National Democratic Congress (Ghana), a political party in Ghana
  • National Democratic Congress (Grenada), a political party in Grenada
  • National Dental Centre of Singapore
  • National Destination Code, a segment of the phone number in the E.164 specification
  • National Development Complex, an industrial complex in Pakistan
  • National Drug Code, a medication-labelling mechanism used in the United States of America
  • National Dual Contract, a mechanism in Welsh rugby union by which certain players are contracted to both a Pro12 professional franchise and the Welsh Rugby Union for national team duty
  • NATO Defence College
  • NCR Direct Connect Protocol ( NCR Corporation), a communication format used by automated teller machines
  • Negative differential conductivity
  • Network distribution center, a mail processing facility for the United States Postal Service
  • New Deal for Communities, a U.K. Government-established organisation
  • New Democrat Coalition, a group in the U.S. Democratic Party
  • New Distribution Capability, a collaborative travel industry initiative to define a messaging standard
  • Nippon Decimal Classification, a system of library classification used mainly in Japan
  • Nokian Digital Control, a digital control system used by Nokian Capacitors, currently known as Alstom Grid Oy
  • non-degree candidate, someone attending an institution of tertiary education but not eligible for a baccalaureate or higher degree
  • Normalized device coordinates, a system of coordinates used in computer graphics
  • Norwegian Developers Conference, an annual conference dedicated to .NET and Agile development, organized by ProgramUtvikling and Microsoft Norway.
  • Notional Defined Contribution, a pension system
  • Notre Dame College, Dhaka
  • Nuclear Dehydrogenating Clostridia - serotypes of the genus clostridium that produce carcinogenic compounds from the metabolism of bile salts and may have a role in the pathogenesis of colorectal cancer