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Nasu has multiple meanings.

  • Nasu people, an ethnic group in China
  • The Updated NASB (New American Standard Bible)
  • , a traditional name for a region in northern Tochigi Prefecture. It is also in the names of several places in that region:

    • Nasushiobara, Tochigi, a city
    • Nasukarasuyama, Tochigi, a city
    • Nasu, Tochigi, a town
    • Nasu District, Tochigi
    • Nasu Highlands, an open area
    • Nasu Mountains, volcanic peaks in the region
    • Nasushiobara Station, a railway station takes its name from the region
  • , the Japanese word for " eggplant"

    • Nasu, a manga series authored by Iou Kuroda
    • Nasu: Summer in Andalusia, an animated film adapted from Nasu
  • Kinoko Nasu, Japanese author, co-founder of TYPE-MOON
  • Sisu Nasu, military all-terrain transport vehicle of Finnish origin
  • Nasu (Zoroastrianism), a term meaning unclean and negative (dead bodies, cutting hair and nails) in Zoroastrianism
Nasu (manga)

is a slice of life comedy manga series by Iou Kuroda. Serialized in Kodansha's Afternoon manga magazine, the series spanned a total of 24 chapters and three tankōbon volumes, the first of which was released on July 2001, the second of which was released on May 2002, and the last of which was released on December 2002. In 2003, a story from the series, Summer in Andalusia, was adapted into an anime film, Nasu: Summer in Andalusia.

Nasu (Zoroastrianism)

In Zoroastrian doctrine Nasu means impure and unclean. Actions such as cutting nails, ripping or shredding paper, cutting hair, dead bodies, urinating are all considered nasu in Zoroastrianism.