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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"effeminate man, homosexual," 1904, from female name Nancy (q.v.), which was in use as an adjective meaning "effeminate" (applied to men) from 1883, a shortening of earlier Miss Nancy.\n\nNancy, Miss, an opprobrious epithet for an exceedingly effeminate, over-nice young man. The original Miss Nancy, however, was a Mrs. Anna Old field, a celebrated actress, who died in 1730 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. She was extremely vain and nice about her dress, and as she lay in state, attended by two noblemen, she was attired, as she had directed shortly before her death, in "a very fine Brussels lace head-dress, a Holland shift with a tucker and double ruffles of the same lace, a pair of new kid gloves," etc., a circumstance alluded to by Pope ....

[William S. Walsh, "Handy-Book of Literary Curiosities," 1892]

\nNancy boy "effeminate male homosexual" is attested by 1958.

n. A male homosexual. vb. (context uncommon slang English) To move in a prissy or stereotypically gay way.


n. offensive terms for an openly homosexual man [syn: fagot, faggot, fag, fairy, pansy, queen, queer, poof, poove, pouf]

Nance -- U.S. County in Nebraska
Population (2000): 4038
Housing Units (2000): 1787
Land area (2000): 441.317191 sq. miles (1143.006230 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 6.727715 sq. miles (17.424702 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 448.044906 sq. miles (1160.430932 sq. km)
Located within: Nebraska (NE), FIPS 31
Location: 41.399273 N, 97.946016 W
Nance, NE
Nance County
Nance County, NE
Nance (disambiguation)

The nance (Byrsonima crassifolia) is a fruit-bearing tree native to the tropical regions of North and South America.

Nance may also refer to:

  • Nance (surname)
  • Nance (film), a 1920 British silent film directed by Albert Ward
  • The Nance, a play by Douglas Carter Beane
  • Nance, Jura, France
  • Nance County, Nebraska, United States
  • Nancy Coolen, singer for the Dutch Eurodance act Twenty 4 Seven
  • Fruit of other trees in the genus Byrsonima
  • The legume Albizia pistaciifolia
Nance (film)

Nance is a 1920 British silent drama film directed by Albert Ward and starring Isobel Elsom, James Lindsay and Ivan Samson. It was based on the novel Nance by Charles Garvice. It depicts the relationship between an aristocratic man and a working class woman.

Nance (surname)

Nance is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Jack Nance, actor
  • Jim Nance, professional football player
  • J. Milton Nance, historian at Texas A&M University
  • John J. Nance, pilot, author
  • Kenneth Nance (1941–2013), American politician
  • Larry Nance (born 1959), American basketball player
  • Larry Nance, Jr. (born 1993), son of the above, American basketball player
  • Malcolm Wrightson Nance, counter-terrorism intelligence consultant
  • Ray Nance, musician
  • Robert Morton Nance, Cornish language expert
  • Walter Nance (born 1933), American medical geneticist
  • Albinus Nance (1848–1911), 4th governor of Nebraska
  • Lynn Nance NCAA Basketball Coach
  • James J. Nance (1900–84) president of Studebaker Packard Motor Co.
  • Greg Nance American entrepreneur, mountaineer, and endurance athlete
  • Jim Nantz American sportscaster for CBS Sports

Usage examples of "nance".

The eucalyptus branches swayed above my brother, Nance safely tucked into his arms.

He bent to say something to Nance, and whatever it was, it caused her to clap her hands over her mouth in a terrible way.

Ordinarily Nance would take advantage of a sale to offer crafts, soaps, nut breads, and the like, but this year we all agreed we should just quietly sell the arrangements and get it over with.

I handed one to Nance, too, and watched her set the glass down without drinking.

Here is what I think: Nance is trying to run this romance by the books.

I realized I still behaved the same way toward him, and further that Nance, having been raised by an alcoholic parent herself, understood that.

Beryl would be on her way back to Alaska, and Nance the anorexic was about to become my sister-in-law.

No matter whom I slept with, argued with, maybe even married, Nance would be on the edge of the picture, looking back at me, loving me from a distance.

There were two things I hoped for: that Nance would come out of the treatment program that lay ahead of her with some of the issues that triggered her anorexia put to rest.

You let that Nance girl do the right thing, kept your nose out of it, which I find incredibly heroic.

Ynysoer to spend a few hours with Nance Owen, who had nursed her as a baby before her parents had left Wales.

I am to see you, merch fach-i, and if you have no grand friends to keep you company and no one to look after you, you have always got old Nance to love you.

I had been to see Nance, and the storm increased so much when I was there that when I returned the waves washed right over the bridge.

I came back from Ynysoer, where I had been to see Nance, I found my uncle reading a letter.

When Nance opened her door and saw the figure of a woman standing there, she was at first surprised, for the dress struck her at once as not being that of a peasant.