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n. (plural of name English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: name)


n. verbal abuse; a crude substitute for argument [syn: name calling]

Names (disambiguation)

Names are words or terms used for identification.

Names may also refer to:

  • The Names (band), a post-punk band from Brussels (Belgium)
  • The Names (novel) is the seventh novel written by the American novelist Don DeLillo
  • Names (EP), by Johnny Foreigner
  • Names Hill, a bluff on the Green River in Wyoming, United States
  • The infernal names, biblical anti-figures in LaVeyan Satanism
  • "Names", a song from Cat Power's album You Are Free
Names (EP)

Names, is a three-track EP by British indie rock band Johnny Foreigner. It is the first Johnny Foreigner record to feature Lewes Herriot. It was released on longtime home label Alcopop! Records except in the USA where it was released through Chicago-based record label Swerp Records in November 2012. The US version contains an alternative track-listing to Alcopop! release.