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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nainsook \Nain`sook"\, n. [Nainsukh, a valley in Kaghan.] A thick sort of jaconet muslin, plain or striped, formerly made in India.


n. A soft, fine muslin of South Asian origin, sometimes used to make baby clothes.


n. a soft lightweight muslin used especially for babies


Nainsook is a soft, fine, lightweight form of muslin. Muslin encompasses a broad range of fabrics of varying weights and fineness, but is always a plain weave, cotton fabric. The word nainsook is first documented in 1790, and derives from the Hindi and Urdu "nainsukh", which literally means "eye's delight".

Nainsook was often used to make babies' clothing or lingerie at least until the 1920s. Nainsook cotton was also often used to make bias tape in the 50s and 60s.

Usage examples of "nainsook".

Littlepage, in a prim nightgown of white nainsook beneath a lavender flannel wrapper.

Victoria, with mild astonishment, while she stepped out of her felt slippers, placed her lavender flannel wrapper at the foot of the bed, and stretched her unconfined body, in the nainsook night-gown, between the fleecy blankets and embroidered sheets.

I went everywhere for your French nainsook, but every shop was just out of it.