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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nabob \Na"bob\ (n[=a]"b[o^]b), n. [Hind. naw[=a]b, from Ar. naw[=a]b, pl. of n[=a]["i]b a vicegerent, governor. Cf Nawab.]

  1. A deputy or viceroy in India; a governor of a province of the ancient Mogul empire.

  2. One who returns to Europe from the East with immense riches: hence, any man of great wealth. ``A bilious old nabob.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "deputy governor in Mogul Empire," Anglo-Indian, from Hindi nabab, from Arabic nuwwab, honorific plural of na'ib "viceroy, deputy," from base n-w-b "to take someone's place." Also used of Europeans who came home from India having made a fortune there, hence "very rich man" (1764).


n. 1 An Indian ruler within the Mogul empire; a nawab. 2 (context by extension English) Someone of great wealth or importance.

  1. n. a governor in India during the Mogual empire [syn: nawab]

  2. a wealthy man (especially one who made his fortune in the Orient)

Nabob (disambiguation)

A nabob, an English form of "nawab", is a merchant-leader of high social status and wealth.

Nabob may also refer to:

  • Nabob (coffee), a brand of coffee in Canada
  • HMS Nabob (D77), a Bogue-class escort aircraft carrier
  • Nabob, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community
  • Nawab, the provincial governor or viceroy in the Mughal empire
  • Nabob was the name given to a prank compression program reported on early BBSs. It was purported to compress any file down to one byte.
  • The Nabob, play by the 18th-century English playwright Samuel Foote.
Nabob (coffee)

Nabob is a brand of coffee produced by Kraft Foods and sold in Canada. The Nabob Coffee Company originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1896, was the food manufacturing arm of Kelly Douglas Limited, house brand for Super-Valu Stores, and was purchased by Jacobs Suchard in 1976, and subsequently by Kraft Foods in 1994. The name refers to the Anglo-Indian word Nabob, a term for a conspicuously wealthy man who made his fortune in the Orient during the British colonial era. Nabob produces several different blends of coffee which are available in a typical Canadian supermarket. Beginning in 2006, Nabob has been the primary coffee brand for the Tassimo coffee maker in Canada.

In the 1930s Nabob sponsored Orpheum elegant afternoon teas, an organization in the Vancouver community. In 1978 Nabob branched into Central and Eastern Canada and by 1986 Nabob had made its way all across Canada, Quebec being the last province to receive the brand. In 2006 Tassimo launched its brewing system with Nabob T Discs that combines making coffee with science and technology using Tassimo’s barcode concept. Nabob offers twelve different types of Tassimo discs which range from their light-bodied breakfast blend to their authentic espresso. Drinks such as Nabob’s authentic lattes and cappuccinos involve an extra T Disc of condensed milk product on top of Nabob’s own disc. Furthermore, Nabob’s skinny latte comes with an extra T Disc of condensed milk product that is 56% less calories than the traditional Nabob latte.

In 2008, Nabob started including more than 30% of Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans into their premium coffees . Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans are harvested in a way that promotes sustainability in coffee-growing areas of the world by maintaining ethical physical, social, and economic environments . Each Nabob premium blend container has the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal displayed on its canister. The company is looking to reach 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Beans and it has 60% as of now.

Slogan: "Better beans, better coffee, better planet"


A nabob is an Anglo-Indian term for a conspicuously wealthy man who made his fortune in the Orient, especially in the Indian subcontinent. It also refers to an East India Company servant who had become wealthy through corrupt trade and other practices.

Nabob literally means "deputy governor" or " viceroy" in the Mughal Empire rule of India. This title was later adopted by British vassals in India, such as Bengal, Oudh, and Arcot.

Usage examples of "nabob".

I used Hynes because I had the local nabob, Tom Russell, slam a door in my face here.

He stopped, drew his shapes, walked on, stopped, drew, walked, on to the spired old-century cragginess of Nabob Bridge, and over quickly through Kinken where the richer khepri moieties, older money and arriviste, preserved their dreamed-up culture in the Plaza of Statues, kitsch mythic shapes in khepri-spit.

She was merely the daughter of Sir Arthur Mandeville, however, minor nabob.

The ambition and intrigues of the French court, by which the British interest was invaded and disturbed on the continent of America, had also extended itself to the East Indies, where they endeavoured to embroil the English company with divers nabobs or princes, who governed different parts of the peninsula intra Gangem.

I dream that I will chance upon a nabob in need of a good physicking, whom I will heal of an incurable illness, and he will build me a hospital to show his deep gratitude.

Besides these settlements along the sea-coast of the peninsula, and on the banks of the Ganges, the English East India company possess certain inland fac tories and posts for the convenience and defence of their commerce, either purchased of the nabobs and rajahs, or conquered in the course of the war.

This language was as unjustifiable as the Rohilla war, for Hastings had not profited in the least by his connexion with the nabob, and was at the time, in fact, a poorer man than when he quitted his inferior employment at Madras: he had sought money, it is true, but it was for the company, and not for himself.

There might have been better houses elsewhere in the tonier parts of town, catering discreetly to the native nabobs and unknown to the transient element.

Not like America, where spavined Alabaman must mingle with Virginian nabob, where tormented Lithuanian must extend his hand to the seven-foot Cape Codder with those true-blue eyes.

King Nabob Naga betroths his daughter, Princess Nada, to Prince Dolph, making a naga-human alliance.

Because he builds model homes and organizes baseball teams and sewing bees for his employees to keep them happy, but he believes that nabobs like himself should have a law of their own which transcends the rights of ordinary mortals .

When a local nabob, Saraj ud-Daulah, attacked the British settlement in Calcutta in 1756 and threw 146 English prisoners into the notorious Black Hole, the British under their commander Clive defeated Daulah at the battle of Plassey, placed their own man on the throne, and the British were the rulers of Bengal.

It was a humorous story, which poked fun at the nabob of merchandising who had come a cropper.

He was as ready as Barbousse could make him for his audience with Mustafa IX Eyren, Nabob of Fluvanna.

Presently, Nabob Mustafa IX Eyren (The Magnificent) strode into the hall with a tall and exquisitely formed woman dressed from head to foot in light green robes of diaphanous material.