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Myron of Eleutherae working c. 480 BC - 440 BC, was an Athenian sculptor from the mid-5th century BC. He was born in Eleutherae on the borders of Boeotia and Attica. According to Pliny's Natural History, Ageladas of Argos was his teacher. The traveller Pausanias noted that sculptures by Myron remained in situ in the 2nd century CE.

Myron (novel)

Myron is the name of a 1974 novel by Gore Vidal. It was written as a sequel to his 1968 bestseller Myra Breckinridge. The novel was published shortly after an anti-pornography ruling by the Supreme Court; Vidal responded by replacing the profanity in his novel with the names of the Justices involved (e.g., "He thrust his enormous Rehnquist deep within her Whizzer White", etc.)

Myron (given name)

Myron is a masculine given name used in English-speaking and Eastern European countries including Romania, Ukraine and Russia (in the former USSR it is usually spelled Miron). Non-religious or Christianized Jews used this name as a Gentile replacement of the Jewish name Meir. This use was originally in honor of the ancient Greek sculptor Myron (Greek Μύρων), whose name meant "myrrh, perfume" in ancient Greek. Myron was fairly popular as a male given name in the United States during the early part of the 20th century. The popularity of the name declined during the 1960s and it is very rare today to see young people with the name Myron. The female equivalent of Myron is considered to be Myra.

Myron (disambiguation)

Myron may also refer to:

Myron (crater)

Myron is a crater on Mercury. It has a diameter of 31 kilometers. Its name was adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1979. Myron is named for the ancient Greek sculptor Myron, who lived from 480 to 440 BCE.

Myron (duo)

Myron is a Swiss pop-rock duo based singing in English language and made up of lead singer Emanuel "Manu" Gut (also widely known by his stage name Manu-L) and songwriter, guitarist and bass player Chris Haffner. The two met while working as studio musicians and they formed the band in 2003, in Basel, Switzerland. The band signed with Columbia Records of Sony BMG in 2007, and has released four albums and a number of singles that charted in Switzerland, with the single "One Step Closer" being their biggest hit. The duo's sound is primarily soft contemporary rock with a definite melodic twist, and soul and pop/country influences. The duo that performs its concerts with a full live band including drummer, guitarist and keyboardist is signed to the Columbia Records label, part of Sony Music Entertainment.

The band's vocalist has also developed a successful solo singing career in collaboration with a number of producers, primarily with Swiss record producer Remady with whom he has a number of charting hits internationally.

Usage examples of "myron".

He was the squire of Black Thread, and Myron remembered that the young Julia had been flattered when Ted Dingle had occasionally joined her side-porch court.

When Myron went into the bank to cash a cheque, the third day of his visit, Dingle insisted on his coming into the private office, struggled a little with remarks about the weather, and abruptly invited him to dinner--his the only house in Black Thread that had the affectation of evening dinner.

It seemed to Myron a little strange that his two intimates in his boyhood town should not have been his own family, nor Herbert Lambkin, nor any of the lively ruffians with whom he had once loafed at the livery-stable, but two familiar strangers whom, as the baby Effie May and the aloof Ted Dingle, he had seen without knowing them.

It was true, admitted Myron, that with their 1600 shares together, Pye and Charian could outvote Dingle and himself, but what did that matter?

Even when Myron burned his butt on a fade-away eighteen-footer, Leon offered only words of encouragement.

An hour after that, Jaynes sent for Myron and merrily offered to him the assistant managership of the Elphinstone Akron hotel.

The proscribed of Beneventum had been on the whole an untutored lot, as content with a mawkish Neapolitan copy of some sentimental group of nymphs as with a Praxiteles or a Myron.

Wilbur handed Bruno his rec hall drawing just as Myron Blankenship broke through the crowd.

It would be fun, Myron exulted, to see new great things with an unjaded girl like this--cities and tall towers and mountains.

Westward room-clerk any more, but manager of the lordly Hotel Pastorale in Naples, and probably he was nibbled to death by guests whom he had known in New York, just as Myron had been pestered by clients who, because they had once seen him at Connecticut Inn or Tippecanoe Lodge, expected to get a couple of floors free.

For all your preachments, I see that sweet Myron still knows his place, and, except for you, would defer to his betters.

Myron manipulated his program, unwilling even to blink, until it was completely reformatted, reshaped into its new, improved, configuration.

And to none of these masters, insisted Myron, when he defended himself against the scoffing of Ora or the incomprehension of Effie May, would an unemptied ash-tray be unimportant!

Dimonte looked at Myron as if he were something left unflushed in a toilet.

The discharging of the old chef, even though he was supplanted by an oilier and subtler conspirator, had slightly disquieted the staff, and Myron was able to have the lobby and corridors more nearly cleaned, the tennis courts weeded--on behalf of the two young men who, out of some hundred and fifty drunks, occasionally played tennis--and unscorched chicken added to the menu.