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The Collaborative International Dictionary

myna \my"na\, mynah \my"nah\, n. [See Mino bird.] (Zo["o]l.) Any one of numerous species of Asiatic starlings of the genera Acridotheres, Sturnopastor, Sturnia, Gracula, and allied genera. In habits they resemble the European starlings, and like them are often caged and taught to talk. See Hill myna, under Hill, and Mino bird. [Spelt also mynah.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

type of passerine bird of India and the East, "talking starling," 1769, from Hindi maina "a starling," from Sanskrit madana- "delightful, joyful," related to madati "it gladdens," literally "it bubbles," from PIE root *mad- "moist, wet" (see mast (n.2).


n. (alternative spelling of myna English)


n. tropical Asian starlings [syn: myna, mina, minah, myna bird, mynah bird]

Usage examples of "mynah".

The mynah bird, which he seemed fond of, he had given the name of Grackle - from its designation of Gracula religiosa, he explained.

Gavin was feeding the mynah with pieces of brazil nut which it seemed to like.

In the garden centre Gavin was trying to teach the mynah bird to talk.

A figure formed and rose up in the shape of a man-sized bird, a black and white Indian mynah bird with yellow feet and a great yellow beak.

The mynah cocked its head and stared at them with its bright, inhuman eye.

Shimmer must have uvvied some information to the mynah, for now its demeanor grew less blank, a subtle effect achieved by a softening of the lines of its beak.

Today seven tiny live action figures were set out: a woman, a man, a unicorn, a beetle, a snake, a pig, and a mynah bird.

It was just a mynah bird, hopping across a lawn looking for worms and bugs.

Fletcher Armitage studied the mynah the same way the bird studied the ground, and with the same hunger.

Anyone who was hungry enough to want to eat a mynah bird was hungry, all right.

I reached down the mynah bird handbook to have my diagnosis confirmed.

Electra affair was a publicity stunt, and my stolen mynah had been returned.

But that gave him an excuse to remain perched there on the bedroom windowsill, ignoring the nasty looks the mynah birds were giving him while he ruffled his feathers and looked indignant.

But at the last moment he put the phone down again and went back into the bedroom to take a careful look at the two mynah birds in their cage.

People without authority will often simply stand there, reciting the rules like mynah birds.