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n. a metric unit of length equal to 10,000 meters [syn: myriameter, myriametre]


MyM (pronounced "My-em") is an 84-page monthly entertainment magazine published in the United Kingdom by the MCM Expo Group. Originally focusing on various aspects of Japanese pop culture, including anime, manga, Japanese cinema and music, cosplay, lolita fashion and videogames, it has since broadened its reach to become a fully rounded entertainment magazine, including features and interviews on mainstream movies, television programmes, comics, books and music.

The magazine's various review sections include releases in those same areas of entertainment, while the news and feature sections also report on movies, TV, videogames, anime, manga and comics. Regular feature "My Goodies" includes the best toys, gadgets, T-shirts, games, models and merchandise, while fellow regular "Planet Japan" delivers a snapshot of life in that region. The cosplay section includes interviews, tips and posters, backed up by a "Fashion Watch" page highlighting the best J-fashion and beyond. A "MyMag" section originally published readers' reviews but has been superseded by a "Reader's Art" page, which includes drawings, illustrations and photography. Meanwhile, regular music interviews feature J-pop and K-pop acts, as well as mainstream acts and big-name film, TV and videogame composers.

The first issue of MyM was published on 3 May 2012 and was edited by its publisher, Tarik Alozdi. In October 2012, it was announced that the MCM Expo Group, which runs events such as London MCM Expo, had purchased the magazine. Jody Raynsford edited the magazine for three issues, until news editor Matt Chapman took over as editor from issue 15.

Usage examples of "mym".

When Mym was carried off by the usurping Duke Eunicet of Dukedom, Douglas went to her rescue, with the help of a Great Sea Tortoise named Oval.

Nearly killed by an eruption of the volcano, Douglas was rescued at the last moment by Mym, now an Apprentice Aquamancer, who had followed him to Old Kingdom.

Douglas and Mym managed to save her victims and slaves and set them to restoring their land, which the witch had enchanted.

Magical Feather Pin, which the Dowager Princess Finesgold had given her, it would have taken Mym Manstar all of three weeks to reach the High.

The Magician grasped his lacquered black hat with his other hand while Mym pointed her free arm up and north.

Dukedom and were well out to Sea, Douglas increased their airspeed to just below the point Mym had warned of, where breath became hard to catch.

I will return to help my country as soon as we have the Stones disspelled, Douglas examined and confirmed in Mastery, and Mym and he married.

I may not be able to destroy you, Mym Waterspiller, but I know places to hide you away.

Meanwhile, Douglas sent for Deka the Wraith to carry messages detailing their progress to Augurian, Mym, and Bronze Owl.

There was nothing soft nor gently curved about her, not in the way that Douglas found so wonderful in Mym Manstar.

Mistress Mym any longer, even if she is able to cope with her captors.

I must have to continue my journey to assist the Apprentice Mym Manstar!

By the following evening, as Mym waited for the Geomancer to arrive, virtually every child and young person in Stony Gorge came to listen to her tales of the unknown outside World .

Of all the Stones, he had been the first to speak to Mym kindly and had listened to her stories and histories most closely, committing them to his remarkable memory.

Litholt, levitating to the top of the Stone Column and drawing Mym with her so they could see eye to eye with the giants.