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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mylodon \Myl"o*don\, n. [Gr. ? a mill + 'odoy`s, 'odo`ntos, a tooth.] (Paleon.) An extinct genus of large slothlike American edentates, allied to Megatherium.


n. (context zoology English) Any of the extinct genus (taxlink Mylodon genus noshow=1) of giant ground sloths of Patagonia.


n. large (bear-sized) extinct edentate mammal of the Pleistocene in South America


Mylodon is an extinct genus of ground sloth that lived in the Patagonia ( Argentina and Chile) area of South America until roughly 10,000 years ago.

Usage examples of "mylodon".

With a terrible screaming roar, the mylodon swung its two powerful forefeet in retaliation.

The seas still swarmed with serpentine monsters of the saurian type, and the firmer lands were peopled by huge animals, mastodons, bears, giant tapirs, mylodons, deinotheriums, and a score of other species too strange for them to recognise by any Earthly likeness, which roamed in great herds through the vast twilit forests and over boundless plains covered with grey-blue vegetation.

We may doubt whether they have thus changed: if the Megatherium, Mylodon, Macrauchenia, and Toxodon had been brought to Europe from La Plata, without any information in regard to their geological position, no one would have suspected that they had coexisted with still living sea-shells.

Fourthly, the Mylodon Darwinii, a closely related genus of little inferior size.